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kaspersky safe kids review

Kaspersky Safe Kids Review: Does the Antivirus Software Maker Have What it Takes to Keep Kids Safe?

Kaspersky is well known for its anti-virus and security software. And within the last few years, they’ve ventured out into the parental control game. Their product, Kaspersky Safe Kids, includes a number of features designed to help parents manage how their kids use their devices, where they go online, and what they see. But is […]

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how to find hidden apps on android

What Are Android Hidden Apps and How You Can Blow Their Cover

Did you know there’s an entire market for Android hidden apps? It’s true. Kids everywhere are hiding apps from their parents. And not just apps. Compromising pics, explicit videos, messages, and more. Sound scary? It doesn’t have to be. If you want to know how to find hidden apps on Android, we’re here to guide […]

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how to block apps on android

How To Block Certain Apps On Android (And Why You Need To)

When someone mentions Discord, do you immediately think of a disagreement between two people? If you’re like most parents, that’s the obvious answer. But Discord is actually an app popular among kids that can be used to chat. It’s just one of dozens, if not hundreds, of apps you’ve never heard of that kids are […]

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How Can Parents Monitor Snapchat

How Can Parents Monitor Snapchat Without Their Kids Knowing?

If you have a kid or a teen, they might be spending a lot of time on social media. It’s pretty irritating for parents to see their kids hanging out on their mobile phones rather than communicating with family. However, instant messengers, such as Snapchat, impose a far more serious danger than lack of connection. […]

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