10 must-have apps for your kid’s Mac

Carl L. Hirsch

Turn your kid’s Mac into a portable mini-school. Get them surprised by taking the initiative, handing a Mac, and suggesting to try an app. Mac can be equipped with so many great apps and your kid won’t want to switch to the series or YouTube channels you don’t approve.

Here’s an overview of 10 must-have apps that will literally help your kid develop their memory, motor skills, logical and critical thinking. Moreover, some apps are very helpful when it comes down to teaching social skills.  Moreover, some parental controls for Mac, for example, help parents get their kids ready for an adult life.

  1. Brain Challenge is an educational app that boosts a cognitive performance. A kid has to solve challenging puzzles. Every game is designed to develop any of these 5 mental skills: logic, focus, math, memory, and visual. You can play this game together with your kid. The developer claims it relieves stress, improves concentration, and is very much entertaining.parental control for mac
  2. Typing Tournament is a digital typing tutor. While taking part in drills, graded tests, games to learn to type, your kid will enjoy the whole process. The app shows how fingers should be placed and provides a visual assistance. It’s certainly a great tool to make your child ready for school upper grades, college, etc. The app might be absolutely helpful for parents as well.
  3. “Parlez-vous français” might sound familiar to your kid if they use Little Pim on their Mac. The app uses Entertainment Immersion Method which considers the natural ability of kids to learn foreign languages and to keep attention. Through daily activities, children can learn 360 words and phrases. You won’t want to use Mac parental controls to restrict this app usage! 
  4. “Hey, baby, make me a foie gras, please!” Yep, you may ask your kid to cook you something delicious if they start playing apps that teach to cook. And yep, this is how you can get them ready for MasterChef Junior. You can download WeCookit app on the App Store. it’s full of recipes, cooking tips, and much more useful information about food. Dishes are classified by 15 categories according to the main ingredient. Kids may post their own recipes, write feedbacks, etc. 5. ChoreMonster is a great finding for parents. They assign home chores remotely and kids check on their current tasks from their app’s account. Sounds so mature! The aim is to make it fun for kids. Children gain points and turn them into real rewards like candies, an extra hour of Xbox, etc. Parents adore how easy it is to make their kids clean up or do a homework. So everybody is happy.6. If you feel your kid is a future Picasso, then this app is for you. Even if not, it might be helpful for multiple reasons: the app teaches simple math, Geometry basics by coloring flowers and numbers. The system corrects if the chosen shape or a color of a figure is wrong.Children learn to be creative by inventing their own figures and sets of colors.  It’s good for both girls and boys.7. Common Sense Media call this app must-have for making photos and videos. Obviously, it needs to be controlled by Mac parental controls software, but still is a good tool to let your kid be creative. Who knows, maybe another Steve Spielberg comes out of it. Anyway, the app contains visual effects: on-screen words popping up when you set, music, speech bubbles. Clips may be shared in social media.8. Do you want your kid to be literate? Then Rainbow Sentences app will make your kid a Grammar genius. To be serious, this is a tool to teach kids to build sentences correctly. Children can learn sentence structures, Parts of the Speech, etc. More than a hundred drag-and-drop images help create correct sentences.  Besides, they complexity. To learn from own mistakes, children can record sentences.
  1. 9. Forbes listed this app among 5 other to teach your kid about money. Children get finance skills, learn how to save money, make a budget, and stick to it. A kid determines the goal (e.g. “Trip to Spain”, “New iPad”), puts timeframe, and decides how much they are going to save on a regular basis. Besides, the app provides a lot of information to a kid which might be useful in their daily life.
  2. 10. No matter how great the app is, it might be harmful if used extra time or at the expense of other important activities like sleep, family get-together or school time. Mac parental control software is a must for any parent. Parents cannot just leave children on their own.
  3. With mSpy parents can monitor their kid’s online activity, apps and social media usage and be calm knowing that no adult content will show up, no app will be used till late night, and no photo or video will be shared without parents’ approval.
  4. mSpy – Know. Prevent. Protect.
Guessing doesn’t work. mSpy does.
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Carl L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. He has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then he decided to dedicate his life to traveling and freelance writing.

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