15 things every father should do to become a role model for his daughter

Carl L. Hirsch
15 things every father should do to become a role model for his daughter

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Seeing a baby girl for the first time is the most touching moment for most dads. Their job as parents only begin. From the first cry, the father’s role is key in the daughter’s upbringing. Moreover, fathers can become a good role model for their girls. Here are 15 things how dads can do it.

1. Respect her mother

We’ve emphasized this point because this is extremely important. Science Education expert, Alex Korman, said that the biggest thing a father can do to his kids is to love faithfully and unconditionally their mother.

Her mom means the world to her as well. She loves her and wants her mommy to be the happiest person in the world. She’ll appreciate when a dad makes her mom happy and respects her personality.

2. Be her first gentleman

A daughter learns how a woman is worth being treated by watching her father’s attitude toward women in the house: herself, a spouse, female relatives, etc. Loving, caring, supportive fathers cultivate the idea that women are precious and deserve being treated properly. Actually, a father sets a certain standard and in the future she won’t accept less in relationships.

3. Keep your promise

A girl needs to see she can lean on her dad. Call her back if she forgot or help her out with things that seem unsolvable. A man who keeps his promise inspires trust. A daughter may feel she can trust him anytime because he is reliable, responsible, and does what he says.

4. Ground in self-esteem

Once Michelle Obama in the interview to Oprah said that critics can’t hurt her because she liked herself long ago. So the girl must like herself, must understand her value and the fact that nothing can’t change it. No opinion can determine her as a human being. A father should create the environment to foster self-value.

5. Talk and discuss

Teach your daughter to speak up for herself, express opinions and stand up for what she believes in. Let her know her opinion matters. Do not interrupt even if disagree. Discuss the issues you want your daughter to have the right attitude to.

6. Ask for opinions

Despite her being a child, she is an individual. She has her point of view and her own understanding of things. Ask her what she thinks about a particular subject. Thus, you show her voice matters and you respect her as a person.

7. Express a physical contact through hugging

First of all, it is necessary for the health. Hugging lows the heart rate, decreases stress hormones, and boosts the immune system.

Secondly, hugging translates affection, care, acceptance. It nurtures her self-esteem and self-confidence.

8. Teach to deal with troubles with your own example

Children are more sensitive than we think. When a family is being through tough times, a child notices it. Do not pretend everything is ok. You’d rather show her how to handle problems and still be positive and hopeful.

9. Read books together

Common activities are powerful when it comes to the dad-daughter bond. Experts say reading books together helps skyrocket it. You are involved in the same activity and exchange opinions about it. This is a good platform or a field to teach something. For example, if you want to cultivate kindness and forgiveness, ask why a protagonist should have forgiven his enemy (as an example).

10. Practice sports together

First, your kid may see you’re into a healthy way of life. You support the body strength and cultivate guts. When doing sports, the hormone of happiness arises. A kid feels happy and associates it at this very moment with somebody who shares this moment with her. Happiness for her means spending time with her dad.

11. Make a list of traits you want to foster and practice them openly

Remember while your daughter is growing up, you’re being mimicked. It’s inevitable. Make a list of traits you want her to have: responsibility, loyalty, kindness, diligence, etc. Start practicing them openly so she could say, “I want to be like my dad”.

12. Sound compliments

The words of endearment, compliments, comforts mean the world to the girl. She is a young woman. Women love hearing pleasant things about themselves. It’s like water for flowers. More water, more marvelous fragrance from the petals. The compliments create conditions for flourishing.

13. Demonstrate a positive attitude

Teach your kid to be positive no matter what. Positivity helps handle problems, turns on a cold mind to act properly. A girl when staying positive sees the solution, is focused on opportunities instead of self-pity. A father should demonstrate it with his own example.

14. Tell her she is beautiful

Celebs via social media spread the idea that beauty means being skinny, with curves and long hair. To fit in, girls follow cruel diets, cleanse, take pills, etc. Do not support this idea. Let her know she is beautiful the way she is and she doesn’t have to prove or change anything. Emphasize that intelligence, kindness, loyalty, empathy prevail.

15. Respect her space

You don’t have to be omnipresent. Want to be fully engaged in your kid’s life? Do it wisely by using a parental app mSpy to prevent dangers kids face online. She is a separate human being who needs some space nobody can ever cross. Teach her to have this space and not let anybody breach it. Otherwise, she will lose herself.

Girls are so vulnerable and a father can either ground her personality and, thus, contribute to her development and happiness, or hurt her with negligence and casts seeds of self-doubting and self-rejection. As a good father, make sure you serve as a role model for your daughter.

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Carl L. Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist. He has been a staff writer in various US-based periodicals for five years. But then he decided to dedicate his life to traveling and freelance writing.

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