20 things you should tell your child to raise a successful person

Carl L. Hirsch
20 things you should tell your child to raise a successful person

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Being a good parent is an art. Good parents want their kids to be out of trouble, always stay happy and healthy, do well at school etc, etc. But what is the secret of raising a successful person?

Here is a list of 20 things every parent should know to raise a successful person.

  1. Spread happiness by being happy

Kids have a strong connection with their parents. That`s why emotional state of your kid is the result of your own well-being.

  1. Have as many family celebrations as you can

Gather together at a family table as many times as you can. Don`t wait for holidays to get together. Make an ordinary day a holiday. Celebrations may be very different, from going to the park to making a big noisy party.

  1. Don`t forget about your marriage

Many parents do a mistake by letting everything turn around their kids. A psychologist David Code consider that in order to raise happy kids you need to put your marriage first. Your marriage is a model of a future family for your child. That`s why don`t forget to kiss and hug your best half, give a lot of care and attention, hold hands and have dates.

  1. Never reject your kids when they want to talk

If you want your kids to be happy and successful, you need to give them full attention when they talk to you. Switch off your devices and put your newspaper or magazine aside. Listen very carefully to what they say. Probably your piece of advice is needed. Don`t make them feel rejected when they need your help.

  1. Make it a rule to have regular meal together

Living in the hustle and bustle of everyday life it can be difficult to find time to have a meal with your family. But positive outcomes will definitely make you change your schedule. So what are they? Kids who have regular meals with their families usually:

  • do better in school;
  • have less problems with their behavior;
  • get along well with their family;
  • have less problems with nutrition regimen
  1. Teach your kids to be responsible

Kids need to be in charge of something to become independent. Give them some chores they will do on a regular basis, for example, taking the garbage, doing dishes or making their bed.

  1. Teach your kids to control their emotions

Physical stability is a basis for every happy individual. So teach your child to control their short fuses, anger, excitement and joy.

  1. Set reasonable restrictions for your kids

Control the time they spend surfing online, watching TV programs, playing computer games. Don`t allow the Internet to absorb your kids completely and to become their real world.

  1. Use a parental control app

Stormy area of the Internet is full of such dangers as cyberbullying, online predators, sexting and others. In order to be sure that your child is safe when you are not around you can use mSpy parental app to monitor their social networks, installed apps, messages, calls. Use geo-fencing and GPS location features to be aware of your kid`s location. With the help of geo-fencing you can choose safe (for example home, school, granny`s house) and dangerous areas (like distant region). In case they will slant off from the path you will get an alert.  With the help of GPS feature you will be able to see your kid`s location on the virtual map remotely through your phone.

  1. Be sure that your kid has enough rest and sleep

The research of Greater Good Magazine has shown that kids who don`t have enough sleep have bad marks at school, suffer from obesity, have lack of creativity, have constant mood swings and short fusses. To help your kids have normal schedule you need to set up bedtime and activities after dinner. What`s more you need to prohibit watching TV before going to bed, because blue screen light effects sleep patterns.

  1. Don`t criticize your child

Never criticize your child because it can lead to inferiority complex and mental problems in adult life. Teach them instead.

  1. Choose outdoor activities instead of online games

Encourage your kid to play outside. It is better than spending time in front of the screen. Propose your kid to play different games together (for example hide and seek).

  1. Avoid quarrels and misunderstandings in your marriage

Kids who live in unhealthy family atmosphere have problems with their grades, they are nervous, they are more likely to take drugs and alcohol and have emotional problems in their future.

  1. Teach your kids to love healthy lifestyle

A healthy body makes a healthy spirit. Engrain your kids to do sports and eat healthy food. Avoid eating hamburgers, fries, lots of candies, semi-finished products and so on. Exercise together, and have healthy snacks before going to bed.

  1. Do not give much attention to the appearance

Teach your kids that appearance is not the most important thing. Explain that inner beauty is more important. Avoid passing judgments on other people appearances. Focus on your child`s habits, skills and character, not on their appearance.

  1. Don`t shout at your kids

Don`t turn your home into the fighting ground by elevating your voice at your kids. If you feel that you are on the edge to lose your temper, take a break, collect your thoughts and behave as an adult person, not like a teenager. Remember that you are an example for your child. Make your child be proud of you and have desire to be like you.

  1. Teach your kid to be an optimist

Life is very short to be miserable. Teach your kids to think positively and not afraid to lose.

  1. Teach your kid to be kind-hearted

Encourage your kids to help people in need, poor, disabled. Teach them to treat animals well as they are our younger brothers.

  1. Create family habits

Make an effort to create rituals in your family. It can be family breakfast on the weekends, cinema evenings on Saturday, common walks, camping once a year, pizza day on Sunday and so on.

  1. Support your kids

Give a help hand to your child when they need it, support all their efforts, give them your piece of advice. Encourage them not to be afraid of difficulties, because even the word “impossible” means “I`m possible”.

It is not easy to raise a happy, confident and successful individual. But with all these 20 useful tips the task will become easier.


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