The Gone Year – The Lost Year? Yeah, Technologically Speaking!

2013 was a bit unsuccessful (to say the least) for the entire tech industry and Silicon Valley, the engine that powers it. Innovation was replaced by financial engineering, mergers and acquisitions, and evasion of regulations. If it’s in the nature of progress to move in leaps, there are necessarily lulls in between.

Let’s have a closer look at what it all means.

Mobile Phones Sector

The newest flagship phones of the industry leaders – Apple and Samsung – weren’t big leaps ahead from the previous versions.

Claims against other companies, not only the high-end ones, have one thing in common – there are no revolutionary breakthrough products unveiled; no pleasing consumer-oriented technological features offered in the new products; outdated design, etc.

The only good thing is the price collapse. Smartphones, as well as good tablets, are cheaper than ever. In 2014, they’ll cost as little as $20 in China; just like high-end televisions.

Wearable Devices Sector

There are certain impediments here too. Google’s Glass headset is a technology in search of an application; God only knows what it can be successfully applied to. As for watches, it’s obvious that smart watches were the biggest letdown of the year. Unlike time which is still the most precious asset.

The Decline of IT Giants

Among the “notorious” names, the most inglorious situation is that of Blackberry; Microsoft, Intel and some other companies follow them in Indian file. Reasons are multiple and various. But that doesn’t alter the fact – “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”.

No Innovation. Just Business.

This year, headlines have been crammed with news on figures, not inventions. Microsoft bought Nokia‘s devices business, foreseeing its unsure future in mobile devices segment. The major news about Apple concerned the company’s tax-avoidance techniques and general failure to deliver any new products of note. Alas.

More Technology = Less Jobs = More Money for a Few

Economists claim that much of what the internet has accomplished in the past 20 years is the impoverishment of the majority of Americans. Robots threatened (and finally took away) jobs not only in the manufacturing; they could do it now in the service sector as well. The overall goal of eliminating workers and their labor protections is quite obvious.

There’s one more unsettling tendency. American tech firms flocked to Ireland in order to avoid regulation; some are explicitly avoiding regulations in the States. No more taxes!

Life is Good for Social Media

Facebook and Twitter have become less attractive than before, due to their purely mechanistic approach to its users’ personal information, and the ever-increasing advertisement video introduction. Thus, yet more money.

Besides, media inflated new hyped (but not necessarily brilliant) ideas in tech, like bitcoin. Managing “big data” became the growth plan of the companies like IBM, despite the fact that most companies aren’t handling data that’s anywhere close to “big”.

Spying Secrets

The NSA’s internet surveillance is a certain wet blanket for our mobile future. Cisco was the first to reveal its apprehensions on the issue.

The fallout for the tech industry has just begun: the US companies must now prove, especially to foreign customers, that the move to cloud-based services, which necessitates sending all their data through the very same communication nodes to which the NSA has access, won’t put all of their secrets in the hands of the US spymasters by default. Some are still susceptible to a “Big Brother syndrome”. With such a huge popularity of cloud technologies, the mobile spyware has becoming more and more crucial. Why not try out the mSpy DEMO App on Google Play Store? 


All in all, PC industry is dying; the expiring year has definitely proved it. New paradigm or shift in computing is here – a mobile one. Let’s hope the New Year will look with favor onto this sphere! Get prepared to be able to read your kids’ mobile text messages without them knowing this!

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