5 Must-Have Mobile Apps

These days one can save a lot of time while getting more work done using just a smartphone. If you equip it with several handy apps, you’ll be able to make your life more organized, simple, and productive. Here are 5 tools you’ll need.


This application can help you manage all your online purchases. When you get oodles of letters every day your email box might resemble a primeval chaos and it might be a daunting task to find all your online purchase receipts there. Simply let Slice know which email addresses you use for online shopping and the app will collect all your orders.


If you do a lot of traveling, try this app as it will turn the process of planning all your trips from a torture into a childish task. Providing you with the info on anything you need from airline schedules to hotel locations, Hipmunk will definitely improve traveling experience, making it easier and hassle-free. Hipmunk displays results in a visual timeline or map. It will take just a quick glance to see departure times or hotel addresses, and a convenient visual layout will save you tons of time.


Nobody has the time to use a scanner in this mad world where every second counts. With this mobile application, you won’t need to print and send documents that require just a signature. Someone who often deals with all those red-tape things will be able to save pretty much time due to this app.


This tool lets you give or receive money from anyone literally in a flash. Imagine you and your colleagues need to split the check for dinner and one of you is paying the whole amount right now to get it taken care of faster. Venmo will send an alert to your friends once you’ve transferred money to them.


Make sure you have this GPS tracking software because if you lose your smartphone or someone steals it from you, you’ll easily find out where it is. If for any reason you cannot find your mobile device, simply log into your mSpy account from any PC and access all the info about your phone, including call logs, read text messages, emails, and much more. Also, it will protect your phone from any malware as it will let you view all the activities of your phone.

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