7 steps to keep your children safe online

Every parent is concerned about the safety of their children and it is indeed the responsibility of every parent to keep an eye on the activities of their kids. There are many things coming into the ways of teenagers and they get off the track due to some bad people around them. There are many malicious activities like cyber bullying, sexual exploitation, porn websites, useless internet relations and much more coming to the news every day.

These things do happen and have actually become a part of regular lives of children. It is a real matter of worry and an alarming thing for the parents to know that their children are off the track and unsafe in the company of some bad people.

To avoid such issues as kids’ cyber bullying, you can keep a regular check on them through their mobile phone. Every child spends maximum time with their mobile phone & laptop and hence, it is necessary to keep a check on their device to see what all they do for the whole day. Technology has initiated many good things for human beings, but it has also led to the drastic ways in which children are become mature before the required time.

It is the biggest failure of technology and you never know when your children get into the company of negative people. Facebook, WhatsApp, Internet websites and Skype are the major apps used by children to interact with their buddies. You can’t check their mobile every time and it is required to install a spying app to know their activities with full records and details.

This is the most preferred application used for mobile and laptop spying. You can simply install it on the target device and it will immediately begin spying on your children. mSpy can help you to keep your children safe online by the following most important steps:

1. Facebook Monitoring

Facebook monitoring reveals all the pictures, status messages, friend list, personal messages and other updates made by your children on their personal FB account. All the Facebook activities can be monitored with time, date, GPS location and many other features. Even if your children delete any content, it will be made available through the control panel provided by mSpy. You can view the FB updates of your children anytime and at any remote location.

2. Skype Monitoring

Skype monitoring is invisible to the user. Skype chats and phone calls can be recorded by mSpy and you can get access to all the call records, PM and other details with time and date. It is feasible for you to check the calling activities of your children along with their new connections on Skype.

3. WhatsApp Monitoring

Kids are available on WhatsApp most of the times and share their conversations, pictures, videos and other things through this free platform. Now, you can monitor their WhatsApp activities and see if they are sharing some indifferent content with their friends. You can also view their conversations and even if they delete it, there will be nothing erased from your control panel enlisting all the details of your children.

4. SMS Tracking

Track SMS of your children by installing mSpy on their mobile. One package will give you all the details, including their mobile messages. You can simply view that your children are associated with whom and talk to their associates about what all topics.

5. GPS Location

It is no longer difficult to know where your kids are at a particular time. You can check their exact GPS location from time to time and get to know their location. Even if your kids lie on this matter, you can be assured to know about their GPS track by using mSpy mobile application.

6. Monitoring Internet Use

Check out the list of websites and links opened by your children on web browser of their mobile through mSpy. It gives all the details of visited sites, along with their online duration and content surfed by your children.

7. Viewing Multimedia Files

You can view all the multimedia data of your children’s mobile with the help of mSpy. Any multimedia sharing with any source is listed on the control panel and there can be nothing hidden from you when mSpy is there to reveal all the truths.

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