A fake Tinder profile set up as a 13-year-old girl got sexual messages

An undercover Good Morning Britain producer, Athene Hunt, ran an investigation, which brought shocking results. She created a fake Tinder account, posing herself as a 13-year-old girl – Amy. 

Athene Hunt run this profile for one week and was shocked because she mostly received sex messages. It total, Amy’s profile matched with 200 males and received messages from 122 of them. Noteworthy is the fact that around 70% of the male messaging the girl were the similar age to fake Amy, despite the fact that according to Tinder rules, it restricts person aged between 13 and 17 to a youth section. There was one boy, three years older than the fake girl, who claimed: ‘I think your [sic] really hot.. you wanna maybe meet up and have sex sometime?’

Altogether, eight boys asked Amy for sex, plus four asked for nude or sexy pictures. As Athene Hunt states, ‘some seconds into matching on that app we were having explicitly sexual messages sent. It wasn’t a conversation that escalated into that, it was direct requests for sex from the very off and worse later on.’ Meanwhile, Jim Gamble, kids protection expert asked  parents to regularly check which programs their kids use and totally prevent the children from using any kind of dating apps. ‘No child at 13 should be on a dating site,’ he said. ‘Parents ask yourself, would you drop your child off at a nightclub in London tonight? I don’t think you would, [not] your 13-year-old.’ Read more about this investigation here.  By the way, one of the greatest ways to check which apps your teens use is to install mSpy on their mobile devices.

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