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According to mSpy customer reviews, the Bundle Package works great for business which is run with Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

mSpy reviews

Hello, my name is Fiona Shaw from Houston. I’m running a little retail business and we’re having a huge database of customers’ contacts. It was breached. Since then I was thinking to apply preventive measures. I think monitoring is one of them. Anyway, for me mSpy App Bundle was it. Besides, I like administering with my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1.

I care about my business and every person’s private information. The business itself involves a computer which stores and distributes all the essential information.
Speaking of installation, it was not easy. I do not excel at tech, but this one was really hard to install. Fortunately guys from support helped out. I guess that’s because the monitoring machine is so huge and powerful.

I had some random restarts when i had important calls. Again support said it was not because of mSpy. Ok. Let it be.

Monitoring features are amazing: call logs, text messages, online activity, incoming calls, etc.
For business purposes, the app might seem too much stuffed with lots of unuseful features like swiping out, geofencing, GPS location. Maybe they should cut it and accordingly reduce the price.
However, the price is absolutely fine.

To sum up, the app meets my needs as a business owner. Five stars from me.

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