Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie – 5 Sweetest Things We Are Waiting For

Google is developing a new android for its customers. In 2011 android 4.0 appeared in galaxy nexus and then came android 4.1 jelly bean in July 2012 which was a super nexus 7. Everyone is looking forward to the new arrival of the new mobile which we hope will maintain the pace that Google has had in the passed years. Everyone is hopping that the mobile will have a new nexus brand and will maintain the pattern that it has had in the passed years.

Google has not revealed the information on the new android all that is known is that they are set to release a new phone. Google is developing the phone as key lime pie. The version number is still unclear now because we do not know if it will be given to android 5.0 or android 4.2, but all this will be known by 29th October.

There are so many speculations about the phone and rumors are all over. It is said that the phone will have key lime pie, but others are saying the contrary of it sporting android jelly bean. So what are the 5 sweetest things that we are waiting for and hopping that Google engineers will be adding into android 5.0? Below are some of them:-

1. Enhance social network support

Android does not put a lot of concentration on the social network. They do not put things which are out of the box. Most of the nice features and social widgets come from the hardware makers using their custom skins.

Sony and LG integrates facebook well in their iphones and they make a nice social; widget that gives room for twitter and facebook. That is why we are hopping that Google will include an aggiretor in the new android 5.0.

Google has Google plus which it has incorporated in its phones, but it should add the widely used social networks and we are hopping the new android will have more of that.

Android-5.0-Lime-pie2.  Line drawing keyboard options

Many phone manufactures have incorporated line drawing keyboards options in their phones and Google has been left behind in this. Both Sony and HTC offer the option of line drawing, text input which is a very nice option to have on the phone. That is why they should make sure that android 5.0 has this option.

3. A video chat app

Most of the other manufactures not only place the video chat on tablets but also phones. With Google android, you have to download Skype and ray that it works, or end up finding another app that can be downloaded. We are hopping that the android 5.0 key lime pie will have a video chat app. By the way, with mSpy you can monitor all Skype chats and call logs.

4. Cross- device SMS sync

Most of us are used to swapping SIM cards every now and then and chances are that we lose our messages. Most of the androids store the messages on the phone and not in the SIM.  That is why we are hoping that the new phone will have across device SMS sync so as to access the messages consistently and easily.

5. Final whiges and requests

Customers will be happy to have an option that they can sort their setting on the screen by alphabetical order. The other thing that will make us happy is having a percentage count on the battery notification other than the bars just like RAZEL does it.

Note this android version is compatible with mSpy. 

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