Android Rooting – a medley of ideas

“What, again? I’m sick and tired of it!” – You can exclaim in irritation, but it’s really vitally important if you intend to seriously fathom your phone’s abilities. Repetition is the mother of knowledge, so, let’s repeat the basic points.

What is rooting?

Rooting is a technical term that denotes the special process undertaken upon a cell phone after which you can get access to the administrative commands and functions of an operating system.

When you root an Android phone, you start acting as the one and only administrator of the phone, and no Sprint/Verizon/T-Mobile/AT&T’s software can get the upper hand in it. Power is entirely yours now.

You modify your phone’s operating system to allow different applications and software not presupposed to be installed at your phone by the factory set; that is the so-called “root permission”. In simpler words, you grant certain applications “work visa” (a permit) to work freely on your phone or Android device, removing “factory-installed janitor”.

Rooting is similar to jailbreaking an iPhone and allows all sorts of modifications.

Why to do it?

There are different reasons for undertaking this procedure:

  1. First and foremost, to save battery life. When administrative phone functions are freely accessible to you, it is simpler to stop, temporarily or permanently, system processes that drain battery life.
  2. Secondly, the ability to install an updated version of the operating system, or any other software you choose. Quite a number of useful Android applications require root menu access. Besides, there are the functions and menus which are usually inaccessible to the typical cell phone user, but extremely useful if applied properly.

If your aim is to use spy software installed at your phone as efficiently as possible, it’s advisable to ponder over the possibility of rooting your tiny mobile helper. Some programs (i.e. and StealthGenie) don’t require tackling it seriously, but in this case, you won’t make the most of some advanced reporting features (e.g. monitoring WhatsApp, Gmail and the Live Control Panel with MobileSpy). They simply won’t work to their full extent.

mSpy, an advanced mobile phone tracker, doesn’t require rooting in general as well; but again, some advanced features (Gmail, Keylogger, viewing WhatsApp and other Instant Messengers) won’t function without it.

How to do it?

Unfortunately, there is one bulky hidden reef in this situation. As soon as you root your phone, almost all manufacturers’ warranties become void. Ways out are not numerous: either you accept this state of affairs passively, as it is, or learn how to undertake a similar process in the opposite direction if some urgent need surfaces.

It goes without saying, every new skill, and technical one in particular, is acquired through learning, practice and research. The problem with rooting is that no two phones undergo this manipulation in the same way. You can learn “how-to” either by watching topic-related videos, or reading device-specific instructions at different sites. You are free to ask available specialists plethora of questions; it’s no crime to learn at any age.

Present-day rooting applications are safe and easy to use. And you’re to remember, this procedure is totally reversible.


  • Backup your Android phone or device
  • Make sure your phone battery is fully charged before you begin
  • Enable USB debugging on your phone
  • Download the app for rooting to your PC. There are many different apps for rooting, varying in ease of use and support of certain range of cell phones and OS versions.
  • Unmount SD card in your phone or remove it before proceeding
  • Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable and make sure no other programs are running. Click on the app you are going to deal with, and follow the offered steps in the procedure of rooting till the very end. The whole procedure is rather quick.
  • Power off your phone and then restart. You should see your chosen rooting app on your phone. If you later decide to remove rooting, you can do it through this app again.

Now, your hands are freed to install any app you want, modify and personalize your Android phone. What is important, you can get the most out of your Android Spy software program.

Our Verdict

To root or not to root – that is the question!

If Shakespeare lived nowadays, he’d recommend undertaking rooting, for sure. He valued freedom more than all other things in life. We can do nothing but agree.

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