Android Monitoring Software You Can Depend On

It wasn’t too long ago that monitoring software packages for Android were considered to be a tool that as only put to use by intelligence agencies, law enforcement or maybe private detectives. This was largely due to Android phones being a lot less popular than Blackberry or Symbian models. However, times have certainly changed and Android phones are now among the most popular models on the market. With this increase in availability and popularity, the demand for Android compatible spy software has also increased. There are now many software packages available to anyone who wants to keep a close eye on an employee or child for any reason.

The Basic Features of Android Tracker Software

There are now a large number of different tracking software packages available that are compatible with Android phones and mobile devices. All of them have their own unique selling points and features. The majority of them do have a few basic features in common such as text message and picture interception and access to call logs and history. There are a wide variety of different developers offering Android tracker software, but some of the packages on offer, like mSpy for example, offer some slightly more advanced features, including the ability to actually track the phone’s GPS location in real time.


 Why Choose mSpy?

When it comes to Android tracker software, mSpy is a market leader. The included features are too numerous to mention and they are constantly being updated and expanded to keep up with the very latest in technology. mSpy is ideal for use on not just Android devices, but most other mobile operating systems as well including iPhone, Symbian, Windows and Blackberry. Let’s take a closer look at just a few of the features mSpy has to offer.

  • Picture & Video Logging – With mSpy you are able to view all photos and videos that are taken with or received by the Android device you are monitoring. You can record the images in your online storage account for future use and they will be accessible even if deleted from the phone in question.
  •  SMS Logging – mSpy will also enable you to read every text message that is sent or received from the phone you are tracking even when they are deleted instantly. You will even have access to the sender/recipients number.

Above all else, mSpy is an Android tracker application that you can depend on.  With millions of satisfied customers and several years of experience in the field, there are few tracker software packages that can rival mSpy in terms of quality and wealth of features. mSpy can handle all of your Android tracking needs with ease. It might be said without exaggeration, it is the best parent control tracking software currently available!

P.S. It would be wise to browse through spy Android useful tips before you get started.

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