Android Wear will make it easier for people to interact with their smartphones, or so Google says

The mobile phone world has advanced in leaps and bounds since it was first incepted decades ago. Simple gadgets to place calls to one another turned into feature-phones which brought more advancements to the table like a camera or a music player inside the phone, and these humble feature-phones gave way to smartphones which completely revolutionized how we use technology to live through our day to day life. Apple released its iPhone which inspired Google to develop its Android and take over the world markets with its versatility and affordability. But Google did not stop there.
From its brilliant Nexus devices that paved way for improvements in the OS to complete overhauls of the interface that even Apple and Microsoft used in their devices, Google has brought a lot of innovations to the smartphone world. And now we see the Android maker having a go at it again, with what it calls ‘Android Wear’.
Now we have already seen the smart watches that Sony has made, followed by Samsung, but Android Wear is something of a complete OS. Google is going for something that will make it a lot simpler to interact with our devices. Users no longer will have to handle their smartphones to check a simple appointment or get directions to somewhere, because the idea of Android Wear is to make everything available at a glance.
Here are a few features of the Android Wear OS that Google has made public so far:

  • The most significant feature of the Android Wear is the extremely stripped down home screen. All users can see is the time, weather or any other information they have asked for, and a single ‘G’ icon on the top which helps you navigate through voice commands. All you have to do is say ‘Ok Google’ to activate the voice commands.
  • Android Wear goes a step further than just simple voice commands by building its own context related to each user. It learns how a person uses his device and what is more important to them. That way, it automatically reminds you of important appointments and can even let you know of a flight that you have a couple of hours later.
  • The glance-able nature of the Android Wear truly shines when all the notifications on your phone display on your smart watch as well. You can read messages and even reply to them using voice commands.
  • The notifications will be displayed in the form of ‘stacks’ which means that all the notifications can be seen in one place like an email inbox. Other than that, users can choose to see their notifications in the form of pages, which add more glance-able screens to the watch for each notification.

All these features have been shown to developers through a video that Google released before its I/O conference in order to let the developers know of the potential that Android Wear has so that they can develop apps for this new wave of gadgets. Will Android Wear actually make it easier for people to use their smartphones, or is it just a gimmick because they will be too fragile and expensive for the actual user to buy? With LG and Motorola developing their own smart watches, only time will reveal the answer to these questions.

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