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mSpy App Basic Package on iPhone 6 with no-jailbreak solution to stop unwanted online shopping

mSpy reviews

In our family we got to the point when a 13-year-old kid makes unauthorized in-app purchases to play video games. I was shocked after getting a bill for $139. So we really needed mSpy App. My son played from iPod. I bought mSpy Basic for Apple iPhone 6. Great news: to make it work for both devices no-jailbreak was required. To manage the apps’ usage it is enough. For $8.33 a month, it’s even ridiculous. We got many more features from the package. Here’s what we do with my husband:

  • check his current location because he goes to swimming lessons after school
  • ban some apps, especially those with cruel video games
  • look through websites and bookmarks ( that might be so interesting; found out “victoria secret models”, “wiki leak”, “hierarchy”)
  • look through photos and even short vids (some photos were amazing; didn’t know my son was into photographing; he even combined photo and peinture)
  • view a contact list (sometimes I am scared of bullying, so I’d rather supervise than deal with later)

Speaking of in-app purchases, I did block any app leading to them. He was shocked but later calmed down.

I would definitely recommend it to all caregivers. It’s cheap, easy to install. The support is awesome.

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