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Any Apple enthusiast is always eager to learn of the latest intrigues the major technology power player has to offer. The company has time and again baffled and surprised many by producing some of the best devices there is in the market. There is a reason Apple is considered the best in the industry considering the number of loyal followers the company has. From the iPad, to the iPods and the iPhones, there is none that can actually match up to Apple Inc. in the technology realm. Apple has a legacy of coming up with new innovations fast and which are above par and outstanding in all sorts of ways. Within 2012 alone, the company has several different options to offer to its customers and which are sweeping the industry in full force.

Recently, they released the iPhone 5, an outstanding piece of ingenuity and one of the best large smart phones in the market. With its release into the market, the iPhone 5 is not the only thing they have to offer this year. In the fourth quarter of 2012, the company is ready to release some more devices into the market for its users and enthusiasts. These two are members of the iPad family and younger siblings of the other generation iPads.  With this, it makes it easier to realize why so many consider the company the main gateway to technological advancements. It is no wonder why the company can rake in so much in terms of profit- it is through their ingenuity and creativity. Let us have an overall look at some of these new options just put in the market by Apple.

The iPad mini

Apple knows very well the entails of competition and fighting off unwanted pressure. That is what it has done with the release of the new iPad mini, the smallest of all iPads. Adding to its long line of high performance and beautiful machines, Apple has ensured that they are still on the fore front of technological advancements in the industry. This new iPad still offers the best of Apple but is much smaller, faster and easier to handle.

This device is being considered one of the best of Apple. This is because it is small enough to be held in one hand and yet easy to handle, type and do whatever one wishes to do with it. The mini has a 7.9” full touch screen- much smaller than its big brothers. Nonetheless, it is a high performance machine overall, churning out the kind of experience that iPads are synonymous with. Even though its screen has no retina, it offers some very high quality photos with its sharp and vivid 5MP camera and comes with in an advanced front iSight camera, which has been upped to a HD camera.

The mini working is crisp, concise and sharp just as its other predecessors. The device is simply outstanding, its battery life is one of the best and there are lots to be admired about the device. There are few more tweaks and adjustments put in the iPad mini. It comes with a lightning speed adaptor replacing the old school 30 pin adapter. Apple creations are well known for their on point appeal and creation, so is it with the Mini iPad. It sits in a well-structured frame, made of metal or silver that gives it a sturdy feel. The simple machine is more than just a simple iPad; it is the best small sized tablet in the market. For more in depth info about the mini, check out different review sites.


The iPad fourth generation

Apple also released the new iPad forth generation, an upgraded version of the third generation. This new device is one that the company wished to improve on its predecessor. As it is with Apple, everything has to be meticulous and in order for the best usage experience for its users. The fourth generation comes with thestandard 10” screen on the third gen but has some added aspects that have been added to improve performance. Firstly, the iPad now has a better lightning connector which replaces the 30 pin one. It has been upgraded with a new front camera which has been upped to HD status. Apple has also boosted its LTE versions on the new version to be compatible with most international carriers.

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