Glimpse of Hope

Numerous governments all over the world are still as mad as hornets concerning the National Security Agency’s activities and the leakages on its vast data collection practices into the public channels. In this high-tension atmosphere, officials may take a second look at BlackBerry devices and services as their only truly secure option that American spies can’t hack into. This sentiment is strongly backed by the fact that BlackBerry displays the Gold Standard when it concerns security. At least, it’s considered more secure than other operating systems. But for how long in the current context?

The NSA revelations had a deplorable result for Apple, one of BB’s main rivals. As supposed by official sources, Apple’s iPhone will no longer be chosen as a device that will handle official correspondence in the German government. Or, possibly, any other government, if it comes to that. Here is the tiny but hopeful crack BB could squeeze into.

Besides, there is one more prospect. Business users seem to be abandoned by Apple in favor of mass market consumers and a fashion race. Lost on the way, as it were. BB could enter here with its full regalia and grandeur, even though these “berries” are mainly “frosted”, preserved and prefunded on the basis of the glorious past achievements.

Thus, BlackBerry could certainly benefit from various governments being tired of the sustained NSA-style spying saga. It could also profitably address those companies that put a premium on security and disregard possible employees’ complaints about the limited functionality or the technological lagging of BB products. All in all, it looks as if the brand isn’t damaged beyond repair.

Measures to Overcome Crisis

The process of throwing up arms, wringing hands in despair and running to and fro among the possible buyers seems to be over for BB. Definitely, no company selling into the wrong hands, thank goodness! Any other alternatives?

In wake of the latest recession, the company started to replace its CEOs in great numbers. Besides this purely administrative strategy, BlackBerry is withdrawing from the consumer market tactically, trying to re-focus on enterprise and “prosumer” customers. Recent reports say the company could survive. The only possibility to become re-incarnated in a vital manner is to abandon its iconic status of a smartphone maker, and surface with a brand-new karma as an enterprise and mobile software provider.

Apples vs. Blackberries – What Taste Do You Prefer?


Today, BlackBerry still represents a great, utilitarian email machine powerfully supported by its software. Its email service is, probably, better than an iPhone’s one. So, businesses’ interests abandoned by Apple are waiting for a profitable offer from a considerate rival. The same refers to governmental interests that hinge upon national security. Thus, the faster BB runs in this direction, the better. For everyone.

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