Are Parental Controls Important?

Whether you have a young child or a teenager, the idea of having control over the information that your child consumes would definitely cross your mind. It stands to reason that any self-respecting parent would want to ensure that their child grow up without being influenced by adult websites peddling vices such as gambling and pornography. Yet the question that often goes without being answered before parents make crucial decisions are whether such controls are necessary? Phrasing this question differently, parents should ask themselves if protecting your child from the real world damaging or nurturing? The sad truth of the matter is that no matter how we shield the younger generation to the corruption that is in our society, there exists a large chance that they obtain such knowledge from another source.

Main Parental Worry

As a human being, I would definitely not want my child to learn about sex, pornography, racism and the myriad of phobias and issues from others before they understand where their parents stand on it. Having a child learn about sex, this beautiful act of love between couples, from a twisted psyche that large amount of pornography is born from, is not what parents would want. Yet removing the intellectual and moral growth that a child learns by instituting a level of ignorance in the child is so damaging that being deprived of the foundation of knowledge, a child may grow to crave and become addicted to it. The answer will always be a balance between education and practical action. History has proven that the prohibition was disastrous, prohibiting knowledge through withholding information might prove even worst.

Actions to Take

There are two actions that parents can take to circumvent the above mentioned issues. The first goes without saying, would be to do actual parenting. Nothing compares to actually sitting down your child to explain to them the trust that they are being given and the dangers that the internet posses. Children are growing up faster and getting more intelligent; these are attributes that parents can use to deliver a sense of maturity and responsibility into the child. Being this way, they are more willing to listen if you’re able to communicate, at the right time, the need to make you, the parent, proud and that they should do the right thing. This would imprint a desire within them to do good things due to your own example and learn morality and responsibility, regardless of race, religion or sex. Children would recognise the consequences of wrong actions and thoughts, making them more resilient and morally upright as they progress in life. All these are regardless of them actually being exposed to damaging content in the internet.


Great Tools for Mobile Parental Control

The last action would be to include parental controls over the internet, be it on the personal computer or smart phone devices. Though seemingly contradictory, these programs do serve a purpose. Prevention of younger children from accessing dangerous content till the age where they are able to understand and reason is the key to them growing up maturely. There is no point telling a 7 year old about gambling or pornography when all they want to do is to play games or go to the park. The important area of concern is the growth of children’s access to the internet via smart devices. This is one place where a new breed of apps like mSpy is able to deliver the versatile and efficient control that a parent would need for the mobile devices of young children. As a whole, these 2 methods working in tandem would definitely deliver the results you, as a parent, would want to see in your child.

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