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Auto Forward Spy app: speculate on people’s pain or provide solutions

Auto Forward is a monitoring software designed to track another person’s mobile phone. It is an easy-to-use app that includes a set of handy features, such as monitoring GPS location, calls, SMS, and social media chats of a target user. Although the company claims they have “over 1,000,000 satisfied Auto Forward Users” on their website, user feedbacks on third-party sites tell the opposite. indicates that Auto Forward has a poor rating — only 2.3 stars. Many frustrated customers say the app doesn’t work as they expected. It’s no wonder that 45% of their reviews are negative. What’s more, Auto Forward hasn’t replied to those reviews on Trustpilot for the past 12 months, so they are unlikely to improve their services. If you browse Auto Forward reviews on, you will find a satisfactory rating of 3.49 stars based on 255 reviews. The only concern is that during the last 12 months, only 20.7% of the reviews were positive.

In addition to a pretty low rating, the Auto Forward app is limited in terms of functionality. Although it offers a variety of monitoring features, you can’t use it to track Viber and BBM and can’t set geofencing, too. That’s why you can consider looking for alternative software, such as mSpy. If you want to know what Auto Forward is up to in 2020, keep reading this review. But if you want to try mSpy, feel free to do it right away.

How Does Auto Forward Spy App Work?

Auto Forward is a monitoring app compatible with iOS and Android which is aimed to track online activity of another person. It is a software that records data from a target cell phone and delivers it to your device (smartphone, tablet, or PC).

Although you can track the monitored device remotely, you need to install the app on a target phone. Auto Forward sets up a distant connection with the monitored device and retrieves all the data from it. Any activity, such as texting, chatting, and surfing the Internet, is viewable to the Auto Forward account owner. What’s more, you can also view deleted information.

What Are Key Features of Auto Forward?

Auto Forward provides you with real-time monitoring possibilities and relevant information about a target user’s online activity. All recorded information is stored in your personal Control Panel accessible anytime from your phone.

After installing the app on a target phone, you can monitor the following resources:

  • SMS view all text messages, including deleted ones
  • GPS Location track a target person on Google Maps
  • iMessages view all sent and received messages on iPhone and iPad
  • Call logs monitor all calls on a target phone and see their details
  • Browser history check out which pages were visited by a target person
  • Messengers view chats and content sent from or received to messaging apps
  • Email monitor emails and contacts, and block unwanted email addresses
  • Multimedia files access all images, videos, and audio files on a target device

Auto Forward also offers additional features, such as remote picture taking, application blocking, search alerting, remote uninstalling, and others.

Is Auto Forward Spy App Legit?

Using any monitoring app that tracks another person’s phone is legal as long as they know about it and give their permission for it. So, it’s legitimate to use the Auto Forward app if you inform a target user about monitoring their mobile device. You can also legally track your kid under 18 without them knowing. Note that all other cases of monitoring someone else’s phone will be considered as a privacy violation and can result in legal-related consequences.

Auto Forward vs. mSpy

Auto Forward monitoring app was pretty popular in its niche back in 2016. However, we can’t call it relevant software in 2020 because of many bad reviews left with no answers by the Auto Forward support team. If you don’t want to put your money and time at risk, we recommend searching for a more reliable app.

As an option, you can try mSpy monitoring software. It’s designed to track the online activity of your kid or a spouse (with their permission, of course). With mSpy, you can do the following:

  • View call logs and their details
  • Look through received and sent multimedia files
  • Monitor social media activity
  • Track GPS location in real-time and set geofencing
  • Manage passwords with Keylogger
  • Record keyboard strokes and set restricted words
  • View browser history and bookmarks

Considering the facts mentioned above about Auto Forward, it would be reasonable to give mSpy a chance. If you want to know more about our app, you can head over to or send our support team a request.

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June 15, 2020 7:59 pm

how far back will this app retrieve deleted text messages and are they easy to get back?

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