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Auto Forward Spy app review 2019: speculate on people’s pain or provide solutions?

Auto Forward Spy app: speculate on people’s pain or provide solutions

Or, why is the global monitoring market doomed to grow?

By 2023, the worldwide market of tracking apps is estimated to achieve $9 billion of net revenue. How so? The solutions they provide embed ways out to vital challenges the society will always face. These are effective parenting, committed relationships, and safe business.

Technology has always been designed to meet people’s needs. This is what they write in business books and lecture at start-up workshops. Such are monitoring apps. However, besides providing solutions, they speculate on eternal human quests: “Is he cheating on me?, “Can I trust this partner?”, “Is my daughter dating someone?”, etc. People will always want to know whether they can trust another person whatever the sphere of life is. And technology comes to help them find out. This is actually when spy apps go into the arena.

In general, the market is full of giant and tiny fish. They play big and small, legally and illegally. Let’s take an example of the trivial representative Auto Forward Spy and examine how this kind of apps works.

Big fat lie…

Have you ever seen the service trying to hide its murky activity under the sauce of the appropriate one? Thus, the Auto Forward Spy official site says you can start using the app and respectively getting all the information from the target phone simply by indicating its phone number remotely.

When examining all the reps of this niche, you’ll find out that spy apps do require a physical access to a target device at least once. If the site of the flagship product does not indicate it clearly, it plays tricks with users. It begs the question “Should I trust such service?”.

When trying to figure out what is Auto Forward Spy and how it works, you’ll stumble upon the text “no possession required to view it all”, which is impossible. If you want to monitor multimedia files, text messages, and any other content on the target phone, you need to have the software on the device of the target person. There’s no any other way. Let’s find out what they say about Auto Forward Spy.

It is a spy software that records data from a cell phone and delivers it to another one. Actually, this data can be sent to a tablet and a computer as well. The person who’s willing to spy usually installs it secretly because they want to fish for the information that wouldn’t be revealed openly.

The installation process suggests simply downloading the app remotely on the target phone and indicating the phone number. That way, Auto Forward Spy sets up a distant connection with the monitored phone and retrieves all the data from it. Thus, any activity, such as texting, chatting via iMessengers, surfing the Internet, is viewable to the one who’s decided to spy. Moreover, even the deleted information is available.

The app is compatible with all Android devices. Speaking of iOS, the app seems to be on good terms with Apple. The “fruit” company usually does not approve spyware. To see it for yourself, find out the software on iTunes. No luck? That’s because Apple takes care of its reputation and trustability and does not host such apps. Therefore, if you cannot download the app from Apple’s official store and, meanwhile, no jailbreak required, how on Earth are you going to install and use the app? Moreover, they claim it is compatible with all iPhones and iPads.

Altogether with the promise of no monthly fees and free “eternal” upgrades, all of that seems suspicious. In order to understand why let’s make a little analysis.

From the Auto Forward Spy review, you’ll find out that they promise a solid bunch of monitoring features: viewing text messages, call logs with names and timestamps, photos and videos, the phone’s GPS location, social media and Internet surfing, and installed apps.

To maintain and store such a big amount of data, the app needs multiple big-volume servers. If they are reliable, they cannot be free at all. Moreover, if they are secured, they cannot be free as well. However, understanding the whole process, you cannot escape the question “What kind of service is this if storing such a big data it doesn’t ask fees for upgrades?”.

Another angle of the Auto Forward Spy usability is “Is this possible to get all this data by a phone number of the target device?”. Here’s a flash news: you can only track its location by using the IMEI number of the phone. Here’s how it works.

The IMEI number, when sent to the Equipment Identity Register database, is being checked in terms of categories: white, grey, and blacklisted. It becomes useless when blacklisted. Also, the IMEI number helps find the phone’s location. No more. Thus, you cannot get another stuff from it like photos, videos, contacts details, texts of chats, etc.

The conclusion comes ultimately: do not look for a free app, look for a truthful one!

What if I still need spyware?

In overall, spyware is considered as malware. It is also illegal to use. However, there are cases when using them seems reasonable. In this case, people should turn to monitoring apps which function legally on the monitoring market.

All tracking apps have the following features in common:

  • SMS Text Messages. It allows viewing text messages sent, received, and even deleted ones. Usually, this way of communication is proper for old-school people who deny technology. The odds they can be monitored this way are tiny. But still, it might be insightful as well.
    Developers appeal to parents to use this feature to identify their kids’ abnormal behavior. For example, missing ones or those who are used to running away or wandering after classes. However, the purpose of such supervising is rather to injure a decent texting behavior.

    Nowadays, there is such a criminalized phenomenon as sexting. It means sharing sexually explicit material via SMS or instant messengers.

    In the USA, underage children involved in sexting by sharing nude or half-nude pictures might be accused of the participation in child pornography. The House of Representatives has accepted the bill making sexting among teens illegal. Participants can be incarcerated with a 15-year mandatory.

    If a parent catches out a child in sexting, it speaks volume. For example, they feel insecure and want to attract a love mate. Or, they feel a peer pressure because everybody does it at school and they want to fit in their social environment.
    The body image reigning on social media and produced by celebs, sexual experimentation may push a child to sext. With technology, parents have all the chances to detect what a kid is being through.

    In the light of messaging, there’s also a feature allowing to monitor and record emails. It makes sense for business owners as well because children do not use this way of communication anymore.

  • GPS location. This is a way out for families who encountered an abduction. There are actually six types of it. Annually, 800 000 children go missing. You can never be sure it won’t hit your family. This is why checking on them remotely from time to time is a must.

    Parents who once faced their child being missing found out technology very helpful when trying to investigate their real-time location. That way, Derek Grant from the United Kingdom managed to find his son’s phone. The kid was robbed by an armed criminal. He took away his phone and was tracked thanks to it.

    There’s also an app for iPhones that allow tracking the device as well. There was at least one notorious case demonstrating how much it is powerful in emergency cases. Thus, the app helped the police find a kidnapped girl who was taken 150 miles away from home. All this proves that the GPS location feature is super useful when used for good purposes.

  • Control Panel. This is not actually the feature but serves as a dashboard to display all the recorded data. Every tracking app has a different control panel. The good one is when a customer understands clearly what it is all about.

    A control panel aka dashboard is a place where the features are shown in its implementation. This is why, by the way, before purchasing an app, use the demo version or a free trial to see it. If you want to check how the app works, look at its control panel.

  • iMessages. In other words, this can be called All Popular Messengers. As texting, chatting via instant messengers might be insightful as well. Moreover, the young generation uses it more than SMS. They allow exchanging multimedia files.

    Parents can identify sexting here as well. However, this feature got the attention of business owners who organize their communication with customers via these channels. It helps become closer to people and make them more loyal and brand aware.

    For example, every month about 800 million people use Facebook Messenger. Anybody can access it regardless of whether they have a profile or not.

    When Messenger took a ply into business pages, its users were able to text pages’ managers and managers could respond. Now, managers can reply to anybody who left a comment. That way, when a company begins a communication with users, its employees befriend them. This is how the customization happens.

    Facebook constantly works on expanding the set of features simplifying the interaction between businesses and customers.

    Why might direct messages be subject of interest to business owners and execs?

    First, in order to prevent the data leak, any channel of information distribution must be checked. For now, there were no precedents of the data divulgation via direct messengers. But as a preventive measure, why not?
    Second, to check how the customer care is organized. If messengers are the main channels of communication with customers, it’s reasonable to verify how employees talk with them from time to time.

    iMessages is also the way to report and send complaints. Customers love it. So viewing periodically how this process is arranged might be very helpful for corporate strategists.

    In a nutshell, monitoring iMessages will help prevent unwanted actions from employees as well as redefine business ways to convey the product’s value to customers.

  • Call logs. This feature allows viewing all incoming and outgoing calls with timestamps. Some spy apps offer calls’ interception and recording. A user can literally listen to participants’ voices and the subject of the communication.

    Long-term players on the market refused such practice since it directly violates human rights to privacy.

    Looking through call logs may be helpful for parents. 70% of teens confess being concerned about bullying in school or at neighborhood. Bullies usually do it directly or via iMessages, texts, and calls. Parents cannot listen to calls (unless they use one of those spy apps that records calls) but can identify a bullying person if it’s put into a contact list.

  • Browser History. This feature is super powerful. It’s like an X-ray apparatus – it tells you what’s inside the head that searched for something.

    It allows to get the whole picture of how a target person uses the Internet as it reveals visited sites, social media, bookmarks.

    Parents are interested in getting to know what kind of content nurtures their child’s mind. They want them to grow in a healthy environment but it is not only offline anymore.

    The perfect example of how sites and their content impact on kids’ mental health is the story of two girls who stabbed their friend. Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser hung out on the site dedicated to a fake character Slender Man. To please him, they plotted to kill another girl in the wood.

    For adults, the Internet is a playground. There are lots of sites shading the reputation if a searching person was caught out. These are porn, dating, specific occupations’ sites. If a jealous wife finds out her hubby visits them, there will be a divorce around the corner.

    Monitoring software allows looking through bookmarks. This feature is an integral part of the Internet monitoring system. Bookmarks will tell about hobbies, interests, inclinations of the target person.

    Parents when examining the opportunity to view bookmarks should remember that kids dwell on the Internet. Based on the survey of the Pew Research Center, 95% of children have a device and 45% say being online almost all the time. The Internet is the place they seek the information. It’s not parents anymore. The information they got builds up their personality. But kids cannot discern the truth and a lie because they are not experienced and believe everything. They need healthy filters which parents have. Often, they do not open up that’s why they need parents who can provide this discernment. Therefore, parents need to be aware of what’s their kids are up to. Bookmarks are one of the “tell-all”.

    Also, bookmarks signal if a child is involved in a dangerous online activity or challenge like the Condom Snorting one. In some particular cases, this could be a blessing because children’s safety is above all.

When examining monitoring technology, one should factor in, first of all, its trustability. Considering the factors mentioned above about Auto Forward Spy, it would be reasonable to look for a proper monitoring application which does comply with any relevant law and provides a full set of necessary features. That is why reviewing the mSpy app is important.

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