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Back To School With A Parental Control App

Back to school can be easy with a parental control app

The school is coming! Yeah! Kids probably can’t wait this moment! So can’t parents! Anyway, with the following tips you can make this back to school process as smooth as possible.

In this article, we’re going to cover summer trends parents need to pay attention to be fully ready for school:

  • How to make summer-autumn switch as smooth as possible for the child’s mental and physical health
  • New dangers brought by messaging apps’ updates and those related to worldwide popular online phenomena
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Back to school: make it easy

Summer-autumn switch is a big thing for kids whose habits dealing with school and home routines have a little bit been shifted. So obviously parents need them to get back in the saddle. How to do it?

Before schooling, “lift up your kid’s home routines’ volume”. Two weeks before classes, you need to start refocusing your kid from fun and rest to home chores. You may start doing something together: jogging, swimming, cleaning up in the kitchen etc.

Education science experts recommend turning your family get-together into a learning platform. You can always turn any situation into a task, a question, a food for thought, etc. Kids need their brain to stop being overprotective and to be more open to a new information.

Reading is a great thing for developing the kid’s intellectual power. Also, ask them to retell the story and describe main characters.

Mix tasks with fun: offer your kid some educational and funny apps to play together. Imagine, how surprised they are going to be if they find you’re actually ok with their app usage.

Messaging apps’ updates brought new risks for kids 

Snapchat has recently released Snap Map feature allowing to exchange the location information while live streaming. The good thing is that kids can share only with selected people or use a Ghost Mode but you might not know whom kids had picked as friends. Or child abusers may pretend to be friends, as we know from a recent experiment.

Let’s look through all those risky features of the update

  • submitting snaps to Our Story allows viewing what was going on on a particular spot on the Map, where, with who, etc.
  • viewing stories from special locations (museums, concerts, etc.)
  • pinching the Snapchat camera home screen lets people see the street and its whereabouts

These features provide a solid information about you, your kid, and your home which, if used inappropriately, may cause a huge harm.

Also, WhatsApp released a feature allowing to track the live location of members. Again, it’s disabled by default, but a user may enable it to let a friend know their whereabouts.

You do have to find out if your kid uses Snap Map and discuss rules about who’s a friend and who’s not to share the location with. The same is with WhatsApp. Make sure you use a parental control app to monitor messaging apps and social networking sites.

Blue Whale phenomenon

Blue Whale Challenge killed about 20 kids in America. And it continues its mission all over the world. Its creator, Philipp Budeikin, wanted to clean the society from “Bio waste”. Here’s the thing: parents whose kids committed suicide had no clue their kids had been involved in such a terrible online game. This is where a parental control especially comes in handy – you have to know what’s going on in your kid’s head considering the social pressure kids face every day.

“I start researching and start reading more about the game, what it’s asking. Then I start to put some of the pieces — how during the weekend she asked me to step on the roof of the house,” said the mother of 16-year-old girl who killed herself.

“People must be aware, they need to know, parents need to know, to look for signs, to monitor their kids a little better”, said her brother.

The European Commission within “A European Strategy to deliver a better Internet for our Children” affirms that mobile phone operatorshandset manufacturers and providers of social networking services have to pool together efforts to deliver concrete solutions for a better internet for children.” And so mSpy is a parental control application that is designed to help parents monitor their kid’s Internet activity and, thus, contribute to a better Internet for kids.

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