Best Solution for Money Conscious Business Owners

Best Solution for Money Conscious Business Owners

One of the most serious threats to the success of any business is employee theft and fraud. Of course, it’s always better to develop a trusting relationship, but things don’t always work out the way they are expected. Their CV can be great, the references that they supplied check out. But something’s not quite right. To verify a kid’s or employee’s honesty, a growing number of money and security conscious business owners look to a mobile surveillance application newly developed by mSpy.

Once installed, mSpy allows an observer to record every exact detail of the phone activity allowing to:

  • Access Phone Book

All contact names and telephone numbers are now at hand showing if the work phone is used for private calls thus wasting company money. In addition, check if there happen to be those of the competitors.

  • GPS Tracking

Thanks to GPS location option, it is possible to check if targets are there where they are supposed to be.

  • SMS logging

Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing texts. Often confidential information is sent via SMS. Even if immediately deleted, this information is automatically sent to your web-based Control Panel and is recorded.  You will know anyway.

  • Email Logging

Read full texts of emails received or sent from the phone.

  • All photos and videos taken by the phone

That is designed to show if the employees do proper things during office hours.

Summing up, all data from any applications of the phone, such as a calendar or to-do list is accessible any time in a secure private mSpy account. All logs are securely uploaded in real time and stored on the server providing infallible evidence at your fingertips!

High scalable technology allows supporting a large number of phones. All mobile devices using the Symbian S60, iPhone, Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.x and Blackberry 4.2+ operating systems are fully compatible with mSpy.

Special attention was paid to ease of the mSpy installation onto the target device as well as the solution’s ability to quickly upload activity logs onto the server while keeping the phone battery charged. The minor battery power consumption makes the mSpy software stand out from the competition and still deliver great performance.

This breakthrough technology will help out business professionals to detect dishonest employees  and prevent theft, data leakage, and/or misappropriation of company assets.

Furthermore, this top notch cell phone tracker will be equally of good use for concerned parents to watch their teenage children.

mSpy software is a next generation cell phone spy solution and makes a great alternative to dramatically overpriced competitors.

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  • Most companies can revrteie this information if necessary. Regular customer service reps do not have access to it. If you call up customer service, they will not be able to help you.Generally this sort of thing is reserved for police investigations, etc and can be revrteied only with the correct type of request (example: police providing a subpoena requesting that information)

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