Here we start a series of articles on this eternal “Thanksgiving – Black Friday – Cyber Monday” fever.  And for all these holidays mSpy monitoring software service has prepared special discounts for you! Follow us!

History of the concept

The title originated in Philadelphia in the pre-PC century, where it was used to describe the heavy and disruptive pedestrian and vehicle traffic which would occur on the day after Thanksgiving. Though retaining somewhat negative historical implications, this term gradually acquired a bit warmer tinge. No pedestrians and vehicles, just family members and your favorite mobile devices. That’s what we call progress!

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Some Holiday Statistics

This shopping season will be different for both consumers and retailers. Below are the reasons why.

Mobile shopping is on the rise for a couple of years, leaving traditional “local” one lag significantly behind. Mobile optimized retailers will definitely generate more profits on the days when people want to kill two birds with one stone: maintaining family connections and undertaking full-fledged shopping.

Brick-and-click retailers will benefit most from online shopping on Thanksgiving Day, being a great day for couch surfing mobile users. It is eventually expected to break into the “billion-dollar-day” club with online sales up 21% to $1.1 billion.


But this year, online shopping season will be 6 days shorter, due to calendar antics. It means losses to retailers, who have to over-smart them by inciting early shopping well before Black Friday and encouraging mobile strategies. Well, first. We, shoppers, get more time-pressed. Thus, we’d appreciate free express shipping for last minute shoppers, definitely. Second. We become more distracted. Thus, we’d require a highly personalized marketing offer to capture our attention. Retailers have to offer more sophisticated, holiday-focused mobile apps, geo-fencing, location based promotional strategies and innovative social media campaigns. Thus, they will benefit from giving us an additional reason to pull out our mobile devices and shop online while waiting in line for showrooming.

All in all, it means we don’t need to wait until Thanksgiving weekend to get the best deals! And do them with least efforts as well!

Gifts from Giants

All this Black Friday jazz of shoppers looking for the best deals of the holidays takes the nation by storm again and again. Its fun is almost equivalent to Christmas; it’s very much like Boxing Day sales in many Commonwealth Nations. The whole concept of Black Friday is that you could get brilliant deals. Here are some offers in the tech arena that will make you sit up with interest.

First, tablets sail in majestically overhead in all their grandeur, led by Apple’s new redesigned iPad Air and the upcoming refreshed second-generation iPad mini with Retina display. But this holiday season, they will be seriously challenged by a crowd of second-tier slates for just $50. For instance, Toys “R” Us has a 7-inch Android slate by Polaroid available for just $49.99 on Black Friday, and Walmart has a 10.1-inch Android tablet running Jelly Bean for just $49. As rumors run, Apple’s tablet supplies will be tight; the Retina iPad mini will be incredibly difficult to find this holiday season as Apple will ship fewer than 2.3 million devices. Better luck for those who don’t manage to get their hands on a new mini by the end of the year will be in the first quarter next year, with about 4.5 million units (102% improvement). Is it a consolation enough for you?

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News from the Local Shop

Hey! We don’t want to lag behind the industry pillars! In honor of Black Friday, mSpy offers 50% discount for all the current clients to extend their subscription!

As for our team, we abhor crowds, especially queues in the shops. That’s why we’re definitely going to buy online this year, like the previous one and the one before that one. That’s why our next article is about Cyber Monday – follow us!

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