BlackBerry phones still offer the best security of any other smartphones around. In case you want to push your security up, you have to think it over. If you’re in the market for a BlackBerry that’s 200% secure, then German company Secusmart GmbH has something for you, provided you are well-supplied with the cash.

Flaws and Breaches

Secusmart GmbH is the company that provided German chancellor Angela Merkel with a beefed-up BlackBerry Z10 after the revelations broken by Edward Snowden that the US National Security Agency was eavesdropping on Merkel’s phone conversations. Secusmart GmbH is now selling its heavily encrypted BlackBerry phones to anyone who wants (and can afford!) one, not just government officials. The phones will carry a hefty price tag of €2,000 (USD$2,700), but Secusmart GmbH is betting it will be worth it to many consumers and businesses who value their own privacy over anything else.

Amendments and Countermeasures

This German company is among the makers of cryptophones that are betting on growing sales to banks, law firms and other companies concerned that their conversations might be monitored. At least four such devices have been introduced in recent months or will hit the market soon, helping to make privacy a top theme of the CeBIT technology fair next week in Hannover, Germany. At CeBIT, Dusseldorf-based Secusmart, founded in 2007, plans to show products designed for non-government customers. The company plans to expand its offering to Android phones and Apple Inc. (AAPL) devices, supplying governments in northern Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Secusmart’s modified BlackBerry phones have been made with extensive cooperation from BlackBerry itself, which saw Secusmart’s additions as a way to keep important government and business officials on BlackBerry phones. Thus, it’s a win-win. The key component of Secusmart’s technology is a microSD card, a chip smaller than a postage stamp that fits a slot found on many phones. That card acts as a separate hard drive for confidential information that can’t be accessed by attackers who infiltrate the operating system.

Good News, Bad News?

Not so long ago, only intelligence services were interested in voice encryption. That niche is widening now, due to the acquisition of new private customers and companies. Cryptophones which encrypt calls to thwart eavesdropping are becoming more favored among broad layers of population, thus, making call recording/interception used for the legitimate purposes by ordinary citizens (monitoring teenagers’ online/offline behavior, tracking employees on the company-issued phones etc) more complicated in realization and, perhaps, less attractive as a concept.

Still, the compromise can and must be achieved. Surely, there are varied needs of different target groups, and they have to be respected. Legal software for mobile monitoring intended for parental/business control has its right for existence, provided its usage abides by the law. In case some official bodies require advanced protection of information via the employment of the specially enforced devices, they can obtain it as well.

Speaking about mobile monitoring/tracking software for home/business usage, there is mSpy application, among few rivals, that secures high-end protection of data and people by offering 24/7/365 access to online/offline activities on a target smartphone or tablet. Don’t think twice next time you’ll need cost-effective mobile protection.

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