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How to block certain apps with parental control?

It is a well-known fact that kids spend a lot of time using apps for communication and simply playing. But are all of them safe for children? Definitely not. Moreover, even those apps that are said to be trusted by the Stores cannot guarantee overall safety.

In this article we will go through the list of most unwanted apps for kids as well as the safe ones. We will also give you a detailed guideline on how to block certain apps with parental control. Let’s review the list of apps parents need to monitor for the safety purposes.

  1. Snapchat

This is a basic application for chatting and media file exchange. But what makes it attractive for kids is the fact that each message is deleted after 10 seconds. This makes it one of the main platforms for sexting (sending sexually explicit content). Surely girls age 14-17 want to impress their boyfriends by sending them partially nude images which are easily copied as screenshots.

  1. Hot or Not

It is a dating app. The problem is that this app is oriented more to “hook up” than “date”. To create an account, the user needs to download a photo, verify his phone number, e-mail address or Facebook account. The most dangerous thing is that sexual abusers can hunt on kids there as well, using fake profiles to befriend them online.

  1. Whisper

This app uses GPS location and allows to ask anonymous questions to the people in the closest neighborhood. The problem is that this app gives an opportunity to exchange messages with people nearby, as result anonymity can be easily lost.

  1. Tinder

It is a dating app which is said to be limited to 18 + only but is majorly used by under aged children. It is an easy way to connect and communicate with interesting people nearby with the help of geographic location feature. It gives an opportunity to send instant messages and view photos if two people liked each other. In spite of anonymity of this app kids are still exposed to risks as of to become a victim of sexual predators, experience cyberbullying, sexting and so on.

The mSpy parental control app allows you to view what apps have been installed, view all texts send/received and even blocked. Finally block those apps, which you consider to be hazardous.

Firstly, the idea “to block an app on your child`s phone” may sound Greek to you. With mSpy it won’t take a lot of time. Here is a short instruction on how to block apps depending on the platform you use.

How to block apps on Android?

  • Download mSpy app on the target cell phone (your child`s phone)
  • Go to the Client panel (on the parent`s phone)
  • Open the section Installed apps
  • Choose what apps you consider hazardous > press Block.

Now you know how to block apps on Android platform. Enjoy the safety of your child. 

How to block apps on iPhone and iPad?

This instruction can be used for iPhones and iPads with jail break only.

  • Download mSpy app on the target cell phone (your child`s device)
  • Go to the Client panel (on the parent`s phone)
  • Open the section Installed apps
  • Choose what apps you consider hazardous > press Block.

Now you know how to block apps on iPhone and iPad. Enjoy the safety of your child.         

We do hope that this short instruction will help you to block apps on Android, iPhone and iPad and forget about worries when you are not around.

Encourage your kids to reduce social media apps usage and use educational apps instead. So you have an option here of safe educational apps for your kids.

  1. Khan Academy

This program offers free educational lessons on almost every topic. Available for iOS and Android. With this app your children can easily find what they need, sharpen their skills and keep learning when they are offline.

  1. Varsity Tutors

Amazing educational app. It includes practice and diagnostic tests, quizzes and flashcards.  With the help of this app your kids will be able to get tutoring whenever and wherever they need it with qualified tutors. This app can connect students to live experts and give students an access to different practical questions, including: Math, Science, Common Core subjects and so on.

  1. myHomework Student Planer

This app is a perfect replacement to paper student planner, school diary and academic agenda. With the help of this school agenda the information will be available everywhere.

  1. Geo Walk HD

This app is a digital version of an encyclopedia of an old world. You can spin the globe and choose the location-based flashcards to broad your mind about the world and what`s more you can play different quizzes to check your knowledge on topics you`ve studied.

Without doubts, this list can be continued. The security of your child is priceless, remember that. With mSpy parental control app you won’t have to worry which apps your kid uses. You can block those that you don’t approve and leave those that can help your child safely learn and have fun.

mSpy – Know. Prevent. Protect.

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