Blocking adult content on your kid’s device

Daniel Black
The effects of adult content materials on your kid

How do you safeguard your kid from adult content on the Internet? According to statistics, 70% of kids aged 7-18 years have accidentally encountered adult content. Often through web search doing their homework. This is disturbing to every parent.

The Internet is a very resourceful place for kids to learn things, watch good and educative movies and listen to good music. But left unguarded can be very detrimental. Hence the need to block all inappropriate adult contents.

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Effects of viewing adult contents on kids

An article published on stated ‘Child therapist John Woods of London reported a case of a 13-year-old boy who raped his five-year-old sister. This happened after developing a “complex fantasy world” warped by “two years of constant porn use.” This automatically makes him a sex offender for most of his life.

Exposure to pornography creates gender stereotype. Studies show boys who watch porn are more likely to demean girls.

Viewing of adult content for a period of time makes the kid became more interested in more extreme and deviant forms of pornography, like bestially, foot fetish, yiff and a host of others.

Ways of blocking adult contents on your kid’s device

The first step is you having an honest communication with them. They need to know the dangers of the Internet. You can also place the computer at an open place in the house. Where you could keep an eye on whatever your kid does. In addition, you can set the safe browsing on any type of browser you use. For Google, you can check the setting here familysafety, if you use Bing as a browser visit this page account. However, if you use any type of browser you can go to the safety setting. You will find the settings there.

A large number of adult content is shared via secret albums on social networking sites. So you will have to restrict them to social networking sites known to you.

You can use mSpy parental control app to find out if your kid has been exposed to adult content on the Internet. It has the browser history that keeps logs of all sites visited and bookmarks made. If you’re concerned about them browsing in incognito mode, our app has the keylogger feature. This feature is designed to record every single keystroke typed on the device’s keyboard.

Most of the time, kids get their way bypassing the browser safety net by searching for words like ‘childbirth’, ‘breast feeding’ or ‘walking with dog’.The web browser filters do not really capture these slangs for sex. However, with our app, you get to see the links and if they arouse any suspicion you can block them for good.

Our app also enables you to review all the apps installed on your child’s device with the Installed application features. This puts you in the light if any of those apps has the potential of leading your kids to adult content related sites.

In addition to that, you could use the keyword alert feature. This feature allows you to set words that are of interest to you pertaining to adult contents like sex, porn, etc. and get alerted immediately those words are searched for in the browser. You get to see any video or photo with adult content with our parental control app.


Our app is designed to aid you in blocking all adult content on your kid’s device. All in all, we keep you abreast with what your kid is doing both online and offline.

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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.

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