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Online Safety for Kids: How Can I Monitor My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

In recent years, mobile phones have become the most important thing for kids and teens. The constant access to the Internet keeps young people connected, while social media apps help them create an identity and social image. Kids flaunt their life online, aiming to get the endorsement of their classmates and friends. But what if their attempt to get social proof fails?

According to specialists, children who are criticized online by their peers often become vulnerable, which leads to lower self-esteem. When that happens, they seek out support on the web and start connecting with strangers, often unknowingly befriending online predators who seek emotionally weak children. These predators are focused on luring kids out of their homes to meet up. Oftentimes, they pressure their underage victims into sending them sexual content.

The numbers are staggering. More than 16.9 million reports related to child sexual abuse, molestation, and “sextortion” were registered in 2019. Law enforcement indicated more than 19,000 children were victims of online exploitation. Since there is no proven way to detect predators once they register online, you need to think about your own protection strategy.

Should I Forbid My Kid to Use Internet?

Obviously, parents can’t restrict their kids from using smartphones. Without a phone, they can’t call or send a message in the event of an emergency. That’s why some parents forbid children to use the Internet or limit access to it. However, it can hardly be called a wise decision. Kids won’t agree to lose a significant part of their lives and are likely to protest against the restriction. Besides, they can access the Internet from any place that shares a free Wi-Fi network, so restrictions won’t help.

If you want to know what your kid does online, consider using a parental control app to monitor your child’s phone. Compared to involving limitations, this is a painless way to safeguard young people from online predators.

How Can I Track My Child’s Phone Without Invading Their Privacy?

If you think that spying on someone’s phone is illegal, you’re absolutely right. However, the law permits to track a child’s phone without them knowing by installing a parental control app, such as mSpy, on their device. However, parents can track only their underage kids.

mSpy monitoring app allows you to watch your kid’s activity online secretly. Whenever you need to check their calls, messages, or chats, you can do it anytime right from your smartphone.

Depending on the subscription that you choose, mSpy can open up a range possibilities, such as:

  • Tracking GPS location
  • Viewing contacts, messages, and calendars
  • Managing social media apps
  • Using a keylogger to match passwords
  • Viewing browser history
  • Setting triggering words to detect suspicious messages

To install mSpy on Android OS, you need to download an apk file on your kid’s phone and then monitor activity from the Control Panel on your device. If you want to monitor your child’s iPhone, you need to know their iCloud credentials to remotely install the app. Otherwise, you need to jailbreak the phone.

Final Thoughts

Raising kids in the digital world is not easy. Children are glued to their smartphones because the Internet makes it possible to find anything they need and be anyone they want. To protect kids from getting into trouble, parents should watch them online. Using a parental control app is the safest way to do so.

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