Can I track my son’s iPhone SMS and WhatsApp?

Raising children brings along a lot of happiness and troubles alike. Responsible parents worry about well-being of their children even when they cannot be beside. Thus, they look for mobile tools that can help them know about every action of their kid.

It has become really easy to track your son’s iPhone text messages and browse all WhatsApp conversations by using a single software mSpy. This software brings comprehensive tracking packages designed specifically for home or business usage of a person. You can buy home package for monitoring your son and it will be made available to you at a reasonable cost. In any case, one has to elicit informed consent for the usage of such an application.It is always good to pay for software as freebies come with troubles on phone or even notify the user that they are being monitored. Installing mSpy is very easy. You need to follow these steps:

  • Buy mSpy subscription (Purchase home package for monitoring your children)
  • Jailbreak your son’s iPhone
  • Proceed with installation of mSpy (without letting him know about it or with his consent)
  • Begin tracking

You can track your son’s iPhone very easily through mSpy. This dedicated software has everything you require for monitoring and tracking any mobile. Text messages or multimedia tracks will also be available with regular updates. There is no delay in transfer of information to you as you will get instant updates of logs available for receiving from any remote location. You can also get WhatsApp conversations, photos and other data from his mobile to see his activities throughout the day.
mSpy control panel provides all the information in a systematic way. You will be benefited by monitoring  and can view messages, IM or GPS logs from your own mobile or PC, laptop or iDevice. It is essential to keep a track of your son’s mobile usage to know if he is on the right path in life. After all, you have a right to do this for his future.

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