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Can Parental Controls Prevent Blue Whale Challenge?

Parental controls are capable to prevent Blue Whale Game

Called one of the Web’s darker phenomena, the Blue Whale Challenge is estimated to have taken the lives of 130 children around the globe. Easy to enter, almost no way out. Kids get involved easily and parents do not even notice that something goes wrong till the fatal day comes.

In this articles you’ll get to know:

  • What the Blue Whale Challenge is
  • How kids start participating in the Game
  • What the tasks are
  • Why children don’t tell parents anything
  • Signs your kid is already into it
  • How parental controls can prevent

Bad legacy left circulating via social media

“In this game, kids are encouraged to take on 50 different challenges, explains Miami Florida police officer. Each challenge becomes more dangerous than the last. In order to win this Game, the final challenge is to commit suicide”.

The Blue Whale Challenge started over in Russia and made its way into the USA and other countries.  Philipp Budeikin, its alleged creator, has been arrested but he left his “legacy” exposed via social media. He pled guilty to encouraging at least 16 teenage girls to commit suicide. Budeikin said he was going to clean the society from “Bio waste”.

Does it start with suicidal thoughts?

Absolutely not. Children can look for a game administrator or a curator on social media platforms, such as Snapchat or Instagram, or they can even be recruited in secret death and suicide groups on Facebook. They post different hashtags to find a relevant person in charge: #curatorfindme, #i_am_whale, #bluewhalechallenge, etc.

Parents won’t find the list of these challenges anywhere. So how it works?  Once a kid gets in touch with the administrator, they’ll give them a new challenge each day. Then children are supposed to take a photo or video to prove that the challenge is completed.

Blue Whale Challenge: what are the signs and why kids won’t talk about it

When kids accept the game, the administrator gets some personal information from them. In case children want to leave or terminate the challenge earlier, the administrator threatens with exposure or harm to their family. When the 50th day comes, a curator instructs the participants on how to commit a suicide.

A teen from Moscow had been stopped in time by her parents. He wanted to jump from a 20-story building in Moscow. They have been lucky, but usually, parents simply don’t see any signs till it happens. Thus, parents of a 15 years-old teen girl from Atlanta did not see any clue in their daughter’s drawings. Only after her death, her mom googled and found out that it was the Blue Whale symbol.

“People need to know, to look for signs, to monitor their kids a little better. And try to know and understand who they’re talking to and when,” the girl’s brother said.

Can parental controls prevent Blue Whale Challenge?

First of all, you have to be involved in your child’s life. Children who have entered the game, might have depression or even have had suicidal thoughts. It’s hard to identify them as much as dealing with them. You need to recognize any changes in your kid’s behavior that may point out depression or any other mental problem. If you noticed signs, turn to professionals for help immediately. Also, mental health experts recommend to monitor their social media activity closely: messages, videos, photos and search histories.

Talk to your kid about the game. Ask if they have heard about this at school. If you hear this Game is being spread at your child’s school, ring alarm bells and raise awareness among teachers and parents.

The most efficient way to recognize suicidal thoughts related to the Blue Whale Challenge is to use mSpy keylogger feature. It allows to see all keyboard strokes made on your kid’s device. So if a kid (we sincerely hope it won’t happen) gets a challenge to do something harmful, they will google how to do that so you can catch it right away.

Also, you may monitor your kid’s search history and get useful insights. They will help you see the state of a mind of your kid.

mSpy allows parents to view a bunch of useful things: text messages, call logs, search history, communication via Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, etc. Moreover, parents can limit apps’ usage and block sites promoting dangerous activities.

Parental controls appear extremely powerful and helpful when it comes down to tracking your kid’s Internet activity where the risks come from.

mSpy – Know. Prevent. Protect.

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