Business Security

Cybercrime Survey Launched!

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey launched a survey to gain a better-shared awareness of cybercrime effects. You can take part in this survey if you are a resident aged 18+ of the South East region, regardless of whether you have been a victim of cybercrime or not. To take part in it, click here.

We remind you that whilst cybercrimes remain a serious issue these days, parents need do all their best to protect their kids online. And mSpy makes a wonderful protection against cyber dangers kids face on a day to day basis.

Mobile Applications Not Safe for the Office

Where the majority of the people in this modern world use technology for their daily tasks, companies and businesses have always thrived on them. But when it comes to employees wanting to bring their own devices to the office due to the level of reliance we have on smartphones and other gadgets, it is becoming difficult for companies to keep a clear line between personal and professional. Continue reading

Key Users of Mobile Monitoring Applications: Employers and Parents

With news reports of data leaks and under-performance at work regularly laden across television screens, today’s employers are rightfully concerned to know what’s really going on at the office. Monitoring software has been found to be the most successful way of ensuring employee productivity while also safeguarding confidential company data. It has also proven beneficial to parents looking to keep their children safe. Continue reading

Keep your Business Secure

Confidential data security is a big issue for organization and even for small companies because there is competition in every field of work. Companies all over the globe try to dominate their rivals and they use every tactic in order to achieve that goal. There are many stories about employees leaking critical data to rival companies. Businesses grow and achieve success with devoting team and hardworking workers, but there is a difference between trusting your employees and trusting their abilities. Continue reading

Kill Switches to Turn your Stolen Phone into a Paperweight

No matter how many anti-virus and security apps you keep in your smartphone to keep you and your data safe from online theft or viruses, there is one thing that phone owners have never been able to do; keep their smartphones from getting stolen. There have been a number of anti-theft applications that claim to be able to wipe your phone data completely but these apps are not impossible to deceive and to simply uninstall before it’s too late for the thief. Continue reading

Building security into your mobile phone

Mobile security is at the top of the list for many organizations, especially in regards to their network security and operating systems. It should also be at the top of your mind every time you decide to buy that game in the Apple iStore, Google Play or any in-app purchases. You can very easily install malware into your mobile device without your knowledge. Continue reading

Saving money with a phone is easy

There are always many paths to reach your goal. If it is to save money, one of the most useful tools nowadays can be your own smartphone. Here’s the list of top ten means:

1.      Find Fee-Free ATMs
In order to save $3 each time you need cash, check for the nearest fee-free ATM using your bank’s smartphone app for either iPhone or Android. You can save money by saving a bookmark for your bank’s ATM locator page as well. Enjoy this wordplay! Continue reading

Preventing Attacks on Information

Businesses at all levels, from the small independent businesses to the big corporations, are aware that security threats exist to the data their companies keep on their computers. It is easy to prevent these threats in some cases, but in other cases, these security breaches can be costly to these businesses on a number of levels. Continue reading