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mSpy forecasts monitoring trends & opportunities 2016

mSpy-monitoring-tendencies-2016mSpy forecasts five trends that will influence monitoring technology in 2016

mSpy software is marketed primarily at parents and business owners as a way to monitor smartphone, tablet and computer usage of children and employees. Today mSpy shares its forecast of how kids’ monitoring will develop in forthcoming 2016.

Cloud is everything

Cloud solutions promise speed, agility, flexibility, infinite elasticity and innovation. Yet, if someone else has access to kids’ computers and software, parents need tools to stay secure. There is also a risk that children will store the information, they want to hide from parents, in cloud. 2016 will offer a revolution in cloud monitoring in which mSpy will play the leading role providing the highest level of kids’ security. Continue reading

Nude Pictures – Now A Direct Way To Jails

The Guardian reports a 17-year-old guy from North Carolina to be prosecuted for keeping nude pictures of himself on his own phone. The question is whether parents can still be confident in safety of their children in the era of all-around mobile photos and endless selfies. What are the most reliable ways to protect your be-loved? Continue reading

How to Track Android Device without Rooting Cell Phone?

Android devices are used majorly by the people worldwide and the major reason for this fact is that their OS is user friendly and multi-functional. Android devices need to be tracked for many reasons. It could be the case of monitoring your son/daughter or employees. The purpose behind monitoring is to get whole information about the Android device usage and know the activities of an individual without missing out anything. Continue reading

How to Use mSpy Like a Pro

There are many software and mobile apps available in today’s tech market that enable parents and employers to keep an eye on the activities of their children and employees. Parents often use these apps to monitor internet usage and text messages in order to keep their kids safe from cyber bullies and child predators. Employers frequently use these same apps to discern whether workers are leaking confidential information to rivals companies on their devices or being remiss in their work duties. Continue reading

The best iPhone tracker software 2014!

The best iPhone tracker software being awarded by press and people globally is the mSpy app, and in the year 2014, it has accumulated a clientage of one million worldwide, which is itself an achievement.
mSpy is the most preferred monitoring solution due to its preeminent services and powerful tools for this action. It is used by people for different purposes: business owners for employees and parents for their teenagers. Continue reading

Best parental control software for iPhone!

Parental control is highly required for children of all ages and especially teenagers. It is important for parents to keep a track of their children by installing mobile monitoring software on their mobile. The need of this software is the requirement for present time because it is important to know what your kids are doing behind your back and nothing can be as better as mSpy in such requirements. Continue reading

The best cell phone monitoring application for children!

Keeping kids on the right path is a parent’s primary goal. With major developments in mobile and computer technology, today’s world literally stands at a child’s fingertips, which can prove difficult for parents who are now forced to work harder to ensure their kids stay the proper course. That is why mSpy monitoring software is proving to be such an indispensable tool to have. Continue reading