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The Lesser Known Features of iOS 8

Apple has long since been known as the company that gave smartphones the popularity they have today. With the innovations brought forth with the iPhone, Apple made itself the pioneer of smartphone technology.
With the arrival of Android though, things started to waver for Apple. Google’s operating system provided its users with more option to customize their devices to their needs, with access to almost every setting a smartphone could have. Apple has been trying to improve on certain things since then, and with each update it brings something more for the users. Continue reading

New iPhone6 & its Security

iPhone Handsets are Maximum Stolen Handsets: Government Reports
Apple has unveiled its new iPhone6 last Tuesday and everyone was anticipating for the new look of the renowned phone. Government of England has declared the fact with this news that iPhones are mostly targeted by thieves because of high rate, popularity and of course, status symbol. Figures suggest that maximum mobile phones stolen in England between the years 2012-14 are iPhones. Continue reading

World on the Move

The future is wearable technology. That is what the world is looking at, move away tablets and “Phablets” for the wearable tech products are coming in. Imagine a wrist band that monitors your heart rate, body temperature, sugar level and calories you burn, as well as tell you the time. Sounds like something out of “Star Trek” or from a science fiction novel? Continue reading

Malicious Applications Posing as Trustworthy

Android differs from both iOS and Windows Phone in one crucial aspect and that is the freedom that comes with it. Users and developers have more freedom while using or designing apps for Android than they do in either one of the other operating systems. But unfortunately, that much freedom given to developers also opens many doors for hackers and cyber criminals.
A mobile security company by the name of Bluebox Labs recently detected a new sort of virus Continue reading

Reading Glasses May Soon Become Redundant

With the rise in technological advancements, we have seen a general decline in the use of conventional means of performing certain activities. The typewriters have been taken over by keyboards and the postman’s job has been made easier with the ability to send one’s messages over the internet.
One of these modern-day inventions was the smartphone. Smartphones completely changed how human perceived and interacted with technology on a daily basis. Continue reading

Meet the New 80-inch Android Touchscreen!

Technology has come a long way in the past few decades, farther than our ancestors could have ever imagined. Hand-held technology, especially, has been growing surely and steadily and has now reached a point where we see a gadget of some sorts in almost everyone’s hands on a daily basis.
The most prominent among these gadgets have been smartphones. Continue reading