Tips for parents

How to track your kid`s phone without taking it away?

It is a well-known fact that kids spend a lot of time searching information online. This information can be both helpful and harmful (adult, violent and racism content). That`s why the question “How to track browsing history of my child`s phone without installing software?” is quite popular among parents. Continue reading

Why video games are bad for kids?

A black hole of videogames absorbs more and more kids every day. They lose their interest in ordinary things like sports, studying, reading and communication with their peers. That`s why their parents become highly concerned.

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mSpy interview with an Online Police Sergeant


Online safety for children has been a major concern for mSpy, your #1 parental control app. It is our goal to educate parents on online safety issues to reduce the risk their kids are exposed to while being online. We had been honored to interview an Internet police sergeant Steve Shepherd also known as ‘Online Safety Cop’ from Devon and Cornwall Police and UK Safer Internet Centre on his view on online safety.

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