Tips for parents

mSpy interview with an Online Police Sergeant


Online safety for children has been a major concern for mSpy, your #1 parental control app. It is our goal to educate parents on online safety issues to reduce the risk their kids are exposed to while being online. We had been honored to interview an Internet police sergeant Steve Shepherd also known as ‘Online Safety Cop’ from Devon and Cornwall Police and UK Safer Internet Centre on his view on online safety.

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Children digital education: When and where to start


Digital education is something that parents must teach their children. With kids growing with technology surrounding them everywhere, they would rather play a video game than go out on their bicycles or talk to their friends via various chat apps than talk face to face. Parents need to be digitally inclined themselves to keep up with their kids. How old should a child be before their parents start teaching them to digital education?

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How to find out if your child is a bully

online bullying

Under no circumstances would any responsible parent want to see their kid being bullied. Bullied victims go through a lot of emotional, physical and psychological trauma. Kids can sometimes be mischievous and get involved in lots of activities. In most cases, their parents are not aware. Bullying is one of those activities. But how will you know if your child is the bully inflicting harm on other children?

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Best educational free apps for teens in 2017

educational free apps

There are lots of apps on various mobile platform app stores. Some are quite good and important, while others have nothing tangible to offer. Teenagers are in their formative years and learning through apps is one of the fun ways for them to acquire knowledge. These educative apps increase their mental alertness and creativity.

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The best way to help your kids stand up to bullies


Does your child come home from school with unexplainable injuries, damaged books or electronics, or jewelry?  Have you noticed declining in grades, finding any reason not to go to school? These are warning signs your child is being bullied. Bullying is a distinctive pattern of humiliating or harming others. Bullies usually attack someone who seems weaker or different. Continue reading