Future of Apple’s Stocks

The tech giant AAPL, or Apple, an American based manufacturer of products like the iPod and the iPhone, had been seen running through tough times since late 2012. Ever since its stock reached its peak at $702.10 in the September of 2012, Apple has seen itself running into some hiccups along the way that had a good number of people worried as to its future. Continue reading

Building security into your mobile phone

Mobile security is at the top of the list for many organizations, especially in regards to their network security and operating systems. It should also be at the top of your mind every time you decide to buy that game in the Apple iStore, Google Play or any in-app purchases. You can very easily install malware into your mobile device without your knowledge. Continue reading

Saving money with a phone is easy

There are always many paths to reach your goal. If it is to save money, one of the most useful tools nowadays can be your own smartphone. Here’s the list of top ten means:

1.      Find Fee-Free ATMs
In order to save $3 each time you need cash, check for the nearest fee-free ATM using your bank’s smartphone app for either iPhone or Android. You can save money by saving a bookmark for your bank’s ATM locator page as well. Enjoy this wordplay! Continue reading

Preventing Attacks on Information

Businesses at all levels, from the small independent businesses to the big corporations, are aware that security threats exist to the data their companies keep on their computers. It is easy to prevent these threats in some cases, but in other cases, these security breaches can be costly to these businesses on a number of levels. Continue reading

Key Reasons to Pay Closer Attention to the Security of Your Smartphone

Smartphone as the part of smart modern life style

In the current times in which we live, owning a smartphone is almost a given. Those individuals who do not own a smartphone are almost outside the norm, but those people are the lucky ones. With all things that gain tremendous popularity, there is someone that is out to exploit a weakness or a flaw in it so as to gain something from it themselves. In the world of smartphones, hackers love to find ways to get past even the smallest or most insignificant flaw in a smartphones security. As a result of this, it is not uncommon to read about how apps leak private information to the public, how most passwords, or passcodes, are not secure, or how there is a flaw or bug in the iOS. Continue reading

How Developers Can Succeed in a Competitive App Market

Once, there was a time when the number of people that had cellphones was minute; now the number of smartphone owners has increased by startling numbers. Many people are turning to the convenience and multi-functionality of smartphones and numerous applications. Instead of sticking to tending to personal business from their home computers, or finding other means to get entertained, many smartphone users turn to the millions of apps available for these things. Continue reading