CES 2014 in Las Vegas: the Whole Gamut of WOW Gadgets and Applications

This year, the 7-10 January convention witnessed one more annual tech event that can stun the imagination of the pickiest connoisseurs. CES often sets the tone for the rest of the year for what hot new gadgets and software will win the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers.

Main attraction spots were, as usually, cars and TVs, tablets and smartphones, as well as most different wearable tech blah-blah-blah; among unusual ones – smart kitchens, toothbrushes, beds, light bulbs and other funny home gadgets, even smart jewelry, but there are some things which are more interesting for us, that is, mobile applications.

The most promising applications introduced at the show

  • PasswordBox is honored as the most promising and cutting-edge app at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2014, with more than 100 billion apps downloaded in 2013.
  • Twitter co-founder Biz Stone announced mobile app Jelly, a social search engine so users can follow friends, discover information, send text queries, snap photos and even forward unanswered queries to third party sources.
  • Alarm.com announced the Wellness Program for the elderly – the system provides real-time info on your loved ones’ whereabouts and wellbeing, without the use of intrusive cameras. The system uses the combination of bed presence monitors, motion sensors and panic buttons, to track movement and alert users and caregivers of any unexpected changes in routine. The system also lets you know if the home healthcare worker comes on time. Plus the system doubles up as a security system.
  • Speaking about smart everything, especially in the kitchen. LG showed off its smart dishwasher at CES, while Whirlpool showed an app that can scan bar codes to operate microwave ovens.
  • Healthy living. Some of the most popular new smartphone apps monitor what we eat, how many steps we take and how long we sleep. CES had a special section of the convention floor devoted to healthier lifestyles via technology. Muse, a Toronto-based company, showcased a “brain sensing headband” that connects to a smartphone with games and exercises to work on your mental skills.
  • Secure home was the fetish of this year’s exhibition. Starting from the systems like Canary, Archos and Home Center 2 – offering both hard- and software for smart homes’ security – up to the Goji Smart Lock which provides a smart way to figure out who’s out there knocking. By the mobile app for Apple or Android devices, you get texted or e-mailed a digital photo of the person who’s visiting. For security, a picture gets taken every time someone enters, so if a bad guy is sneaking in, you’re alerted right away. You also get to use the doorknob as a keyless way to enter the home. Just fire up the app to enter, and lock the doors when you leave home.
  • Digital security is as important as the physical one. Skydog is an innovative networking solution that gives consumers the ability to track and manage internet use across an entire household. It pairs a wireless router with a computer or mobile app, showing you first how you use the Internet, then giving you control over how you want to use the Internet. Skydog is especially compelling for parents looking for an unobtrusive way to manage their children’s ever-growing exposure and use of the internet.
  • Speaking about dogs. Voyce, a techie band and service for canines that promises to monitor your pooch’s key vital signs, serves as an early warning system and syncs up with your computer, tablet or smartphone over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth; data are stored in the cloud. The band has a single accelerometer and exploits non-invasive (to your pet) wireless RF technology. Subscribers can remotely tap into their dog’s personalized portfolio of data and information virtually anytime through a mobile device.
  • Among cute mobile apps, there is a certain iTOi. This product by Brookstone is a “hood” for your iOS device that mirrors your screen, so that when you’re looking at the mirrored image of your video chat, your eyes are aimed at your device’s camera. It’s the U-571 periscope for your iOS device.

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