Check if your Nokia Lumia 920 is haunted

If you take your time to browse forum threads about Nokia Lumia 920, you’ll probably come across multiple complaints about this smartphone model. It is notorious for its mysterious behavior – it often slides off of absolutely flat surfaces and crashes to the ground for no apparent reason.
Cheyenne Price, one of forum members was so surprised by this peculiarity of Nokia Lumia 920 that she started a thread and posted a video on Facebook demonstrating this strange phenomenon. The video starts with this model placed faced down on his laptop, and it’s clear that the surface is flat. Yet in a couple of seconds you can see the smartphone spin around and then gradually start creeping towards the corner.
There are no vibration sounds or alerts, nothing seems to cause the phone’s movement. The author claims that his Lumia 920 eventually crashes to the ground (virtually always after he leaves the room).
Can we assume that the Lumia 920 is programmed to commit suicides all over again?

What other explanation could we come up with?

Well, not everyone finds this behavior unusual. For example, Forum member mparker gives a very strong theory that is difficult to refute:

“It’s just simple physics. In the video the phone is placed screen down, on a Dell laptop. Let’s take into consideration the fact that both the cell phone’s screen and the plastic on Dell laptops boast low-friction properties. Thus, if there is no mechanical barriers, the smartphone will slide at rather low angles. Moreover, there is enough tolerance stacking going on between the foundation, table, and laptop which is why the top of that laptop is likely to be tilted. Besides, how can we be sure that it’s absolutely flat, maybe it just seems so?

Indeed, although it is not that obvious, this is the most probable reason. It’s true that the Lumia 920 has a very low-friction screen and even its curved edges don’t prevent it from sliding off.
Our Lumia 920, when placed face down even of the sofa is susceptible to move along the edge of surfaces. It’s unpleasant and annoying as we usually place our cell phone screen down when we don’t want to be distracted by the screen “lighting up” when a text message or alert comes.

One key lesson here:

never place the Lumia 920 face down! Of course, it might stay alive due to Gorilla Glass screen protection, but don’t count on that very much. Have you ever been in a similar situation as Cheyenne Price and witnessed unusual ghost-like behavior of your 920 Lumia? Let us know, please.

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