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There has been plenty of discussion recently regarding software which makes it possible  to tap into Android phones. This software is actually very readily available from  large number of websites all across the internet. If you want to access an Android cell phone, then it is a fairly easy process, you simply need to locate on of these websites and sign up for the software. This generally involves registering the phone which you will be monitoring to your account which is usually done by connecting it to the USB port on your computer. This will then download the required software into the phone.

The most common reason for doing so is to monitor phones, which are issued to employees on a company account, although an increasing number of parents are also making use of the software to monitor phones that they have given to their children.

The information that can be accessed using this type of cell phone monitoring software for Android is really quite astounding. It is possible to monitor the number of incoming and outgoing calls that the phone is used for, including call lengths, when the calls were made and if the contact is stored in the phone you can also track who the calls are made to. This information can be tracked very easily on your computer and is a great way to see if your employees are abusing their company cell phone. In addition to this, it is also possible to monitor incoming and outgoing text messaging, even if the messages are deleted from the phone. The software can also trace the GPS location of the cell phone being monitored in real time with the location displayed on Google Maps.

There has also been much interest in the moral issues surrounding spying on Android phones. There are those who feel that it is a breach of privacy and should not be allowed. However, this really depends on how the information is being used. When it comes to monitoring a child’s cell phone, most parents are doing so for safety reasons. The GPS function allows peace of mind as they will know where there child is if they happen to be late home and do not call. Some parents have also utilized the software if they are concerned that their teenage children have gotten involved in drinking or drugs. From a business point of view, it could be deemed perfectly acceptable to ensure that Android phones you are paying for are being used for the purpose intended. There is really only an issue if the software is used to obtain information for unscrupulous reasons.

There are an increasing number of options available on line to spy on mobile phones and you could get one of them set up in a matter of minutes. In order to ensure that you have chosen the right software for your needs, you should look at a number of different factors. What do you need to spy of the cell phone for in particular? What is your budget for this software? What phone brands and/or models will you need to track? Do you want to monitor Snapchat and other IMs? With a little research you will be able to look at reviews of the various options and find the appropriate spy software to meet your needs.

We remind you that mSpy still remains the best spying tool for both Android and iPhone.

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