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Child Rights Opinion Leaders Talk About Kids’ Online Safety And Parental Controls

Child Rights Opinion Leaders Talk About Kids’ Online Safety And Parental Controls

Opinion leaders in the Child Protection field are concerned about risks coming with the Internet use. Their focus points are expanded: from now on, they care not just about children’s poverty, illiteracy, violence but also about online safety.

In this context, their main mission is to find touch points between policies, parents, and IT companies.

Let’s see what the most powerful organizations in the world think about kids’ online safety and what they call the Universal Community for.

UNICEF Report on Child Online Safety:

“As children in some parts of the world are subjected to continuing or increasing controls over their physical autonomy, they are discovering a virtual world in which to explore, interact and play. The Internet offers a young person the opportunity to engage in an infinite world of connections and contacts while sitting at home in their room. It, therefore, requires a rethinking of how to effectively protect children”.

“Warning signs that can serve to protect children in the physical world are largely absent online”.

“Exposure to pornography may include undermining accepted social values and attitudes about sexual behavior, earlier and promiscuous sexual activity, sexual deviancy, sexual offending and sexually compulsive behavior.”

Unicef on kids' online safety

“The existence of cyberspace and the fact that many children keep their mobile phones on constantly means that public space is redefined to invade the child’s home and gives the bully potential access 24 hours a day. Because the child has no place to escape, the sense of intimidation and vulnerability is therefore significantly enhanced.”

“Children and young people frequently do not see their parents as the first resource to turn to if they experience online abuse. They often feel their parents do not understand the world in which the abuse arises.”

European Commission within “A European Strategy to deliver a better Internet for our Children”

“The strategy brings together the European Commission and Member States with mobile phone operators, handset manufacturers and providers of social networking services to deliver concrete solutions for a better internet for children.”

“Children need quality content online, and skills and tools for using the Internet safely.”

European Commission on Kids' online safety

“The strategy proposes a series of actions grouped around its main goals among which is creating a safe environment for children through age-appropriate privacy settings, wider use of parental controls and age rating and content classification.”

The Enough Is Enough Organization advocates for making Internet safer for kids and families.

“The Internet has become a powerful educational and communications tool, placing vast, new worlds of knowledge and information, literally within our fingertips. Unfortunately, this vehicle has also been hijacked by the sex industry, sexual predators and other enterprises. The two primary Internet dangers today are children’s free and easy access to all types of pornography, and sexual predators’ easy and anonymous access to children.”

EIS on kids' online safety

The organization promotes the 3-focus approach, one of them is “encouraging the technology industry to implement viable technological solutions and family-friendly corporate policy to reduce this threat.

Child Rights Coalition Asia within #SafeWeb4Kids Campaign:

Legislator for Information Technology Charles Peter Mok said, “If the IT industry understands the needs of children, then they would have the awareness to consider more on the safety of children when they design apps or websites. I hope that we can sit together with children to brainstorm new ideas and bring the voices of children into the industry, so that we can use technology to solve the problems it brings.”

CRCA on Kids' online safety


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