Child victimization: 5 types of recent crimes against children mSpy is ready to protect from

“…The rapid pace of development and the manner in which young people have responded to the opportunities available to them continue to challenge the safeguarding process…”
Online behaviours of adolescents: Victims, perpetrators and Web 2.0: Atkinson and Newton, Journal of Sexual Aggression, Vol 16, Issue 1, March 2010, Routledge

Great dangers, coming across the benefits of the digital era, also create effective methods of counteraction. mSpy examines 5 most common crimes against children and offers the remedies.
Whereas adults generally use technology only as a tool, teens consider technology, including social networks and messaging services, to be an essential part of their social life. More than 82% of sex crimes against minors started on the web and in social networking sites. Furthermore, 65% of sex culprits used social networking sites to achieve their sufferers*. Crimes against children, associated with using Internet and mobile devices, today include: sexting, gaming, cyberbullying, pornography, drug addiction etc.

SEXTING. 39% of teens reported sending sexually suggestive text messages (“sexting”), and 48% of teens reported having received such messages. Nearly 1 in 5 teens who receive a sext share it with someone else. 20% of teens have sent or posted a nude or semi-nude image of themselves. Of those who have sent sexts, 76% of girls and 57% of guys sent it to get someone else to like them**.
ONLINE GAMBLING. Smartphones and tablets let users download apps from online marketplaces linked to a credit card, e-wallet or mobile phone account. Gambling websites draw teenagers to gamble for money, which can lead to many problems in the teenager`s life.
CYBERBULLYING. Rumours start easily and spread quickly. Profiles and e-mails may be hacked. And these types of activities are common today: 24% of teens and young adults say someone has written something about them online that wasn’t true. 9% say someone has threatened to use electronic communication (Facebook, e-mail, text messages, etc.) to tell others private things about them as a form of blackmail***.
PORNOGRAPHY. One of the worst dangers of the Internet, for many parents, is the idea that pornography could pop up and surprise their children. But parents may not realize that some kids are going online to seek out web porn, too.
DRUGS DISTRIBUTION. The new communications channels, invented during the last decade, are already widely used by malefactors. Ads offering some “interesting stuff” are spread online. Ways to use, types, as well as places to buy can be found in social networks and on the web.
Actually, mSpy provides a wide range of features that safeguard modern children in most situations. mSpy application is a cross-platform monitoring solution. It’s not just a single Android or iOS app, yet, an ecosystem including desktop monitoring software and a web-based dashboard. mSpy lets parents be updated with their children. With the GPS tracking, parents can know if their children are in the wrong or unlikely neighborhood. With the messaging records, including texts, emails and else, parents can have an idea about children communication and prevent bullying. With the reports about the web browsing history, parents can be aware of online interests of their children.
The wide range of both monitoring and protecting features makes mSpy a reliable and effective tool in the struggle against web-based children-directed crime.

*Journal of Adolescent Health 47, 2010
**INTERNET CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF MAJOR STUDIES, prepared by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress under an Interagency Agreement with the National Institute of Justice, October 2009

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