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The customer reviews how mSpy App Premium Package used on Samsung galaxy note 4 helps protect her kid from online predators

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I think most parents do not understand how important it is to use parental control nowadays. As a parent, I am reading lots of relevant sites. They all write about teens tech addiction, child sexting, dangerous online groups. The common mistake the victims’ parents make is letting things happen. They do nothing to know what their kid is doing online. What if your child meets an online predator online? And then he asks to meet up in person?

I bought mSpy app Premium Package for my Samsung galaxy note 4. It works great for my phone. However, my kid’s one is iPhone 6. Thanks God it’s no-jailbreak. Otherwise, I would get nervous cause I’m not good at tech.

The first thing I do is monitoring the web surfing: I look through websites, bookmarks, social media. I am aware of what messenger she is using. I do not read it. We agreed on that. But I know who’s the person she is communicating with.

Once we had that talk most parents avoid. We talked about sex, sexting, online predators, things she should say to me if she notices somebody’s weird behavior. It’s important to convey the consequences of uncontrolled online surfing. I am happy cause my kid understands that.

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