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Be a cyber-parent with mSpy

Know, prevent and protect, is what the mSpy parental control app is all about. Its aim is to help parents and caretakers know the online lifestyle of their kids. This enables them to make better decisions in preventing their kids from doing things that could be very disastrous to their lives. In addition, to assist parents to protect their kids from the online dangers the Internet comes with. With mSpy you become a cyber-parent.

Just as parents can know more about their kid’s lifestyles with the sort of physical friends they hang out with. So can it be with the cyber-world. According to statistics, there are more than 750,000 online predators every day on the Internet. And more than 50% of sexual exploitation victims are between the ages 12-15 years. Almost all exploitations take place in online gaming chat rooms. Furthermore, 82% of sex crimes against minors are initiated via social sites.

Why parents need to do online monitoring

Cyberbullying is the number 1 cause of depression and anxiety in kids currently. This is because over 80% of kids use smartphones which are the easiest medium to send threats, mean messages and derogative pictures. And kids, most of the time, are scared or embarrassed to even tell their parents about it. One thing we know for sure is, everything that is posted online never gets deleted. So sexting could haunt kids for the rest of their lives either through job searches in future or ethical background check in any high position they may achieve in the future.

So the days of parents just being there physically is just not enough. You need to get involved in their cyber life. Know their online preferences – whether they are watching inappropriate web contents, new online friends, the games they play and monitor their chat involvements in groups and online chats.

mSpy, the alternate help

mSpy parental control app is created for parents to prevent such things. It has over 25 features you can benefit from. The contact list enables you to see all new contacts your kids add to their contact list.

The browser history feature of the mSpy app gives you details of all the search history on the device of your kid and even when they go searching in incognito mode, the keylogger feature will capture all keystrokes made on the keyboard. This intends to keep you abreast on your kids’ search likes. You get to know if what your kids are searching is healthy to their development. If you discover via the reports you receive from your mSpy control panel he/she is watching inappropriate contents, racist and violent pages you have the right to block them with the mSpy web and app blocking features.

Monitoring your kid’s social messaging chats, photos, and videos to know if any cyberbullying is taking place (whether it’s them sending or receiving mean messages) is one thing you get to benefit from mSpy. You get to monitor social apps like Snapchat, Facebook messenger, Tinder, Viber, Skype, Hangout, Telegram and LINE messaging app. Knowing all these keep you in the known of all their activities. You become aware of their cyber or online life. As the saying goes ‘good parenting is making wise decisions’ and this enables you to advise them to make better decisions on some of the materials they send to friends and even possess.

Do you know that if an explicit kid’s photo is found on a device and that photo was not sent or taken by the owner, that person could be charged with possession or distribution of child pornography and will become a felon for life? Not just that but their details will be placed on the sex offenders list for the most part of their lives!

With the mSpy installed app feature, you get to see all the apps your kids installed on their phones. Get to know if they are the right apps for kid’s age and whether those apps are even beneficial to them. Some of these apps are where predators thrive, especially online games.


Also, you need to educate your kids on some basic common etiquette on how to use the Internet. Like not answering questionnaires online. They should not go opening links sent to them by people they do not know. Finally, revealing personal details of themselves – name, address, phone numbers and parents’ details should be prohibited.

In addition, you need to be their cyber-friend on most of their social apps like Facebook etc.

mSpy – Know, Prevent, Protect.

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