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Cyberbullying as a suicide phenomenon among teens

There is a very thin line between cyberbullying and suicide. In recent years, a wave of cyberbullying-related suicide precedents around the globe has drawn an attention of a public eye. Nevertheless, many parents still consider cyberbullying a “childish trick”. But its outcomes are much more serious. In some cases, cyberbullying can even lead to the actual suicide.

The problem of cyberbullying phenomenon

Cyberbullying is more dramatic than face-to-face bullying. It has devastating effects on young generation. Nowadays it is very easy to create a fake account on the Internet. That`s why, a lot of kids feel free to say things online they would never say to a person in a real life. Due to the Internet anonymity, teens can say whatever they want without fearing that their peers will know who it was.

All the world was shocked with the story of Amanda Todd, Canadian girl who committed a suicide after being cyberbullied for a long time on the Net. Her video with flash cards seemed like a cry for help, but nobody came to the rescue.

Statistics on cyberbullying is the following:

  • Cyberbullying is not gender-specific, it can occur among both boys and girls;
  • Only 10 percent of kids are able to tell parents that they faced cyberbullying;
  • 58 percent of teens report that someone said insulting things to them online;
  • 4 kids out of 10 admit that they were cyberbullied more than once;
  • Over 43 percent of teens were bullied online;
  • Only 1 out of 10 kids will tell their parents about being cyberbullied.

Types of cyberbullying

There are many forms of cyberbullying. The most dangerous ones include:

  • Harassment: long-terminal repeat of sending insulting, rude and destroying messages;
  • Denigration: spreading fake information and rumors about a teen;
  • Flaming: quarrels via an email or instant messenger with rude and foul language;
  • Impersonation: creating a fake account and posting inappropriate content on behalf of another person;
  • Login theft: hacking an account of another person with a purpose of stealing the information and further sending damaging messages or posting humiliating content;
  • Outing and trickery: posting and sharing teen`s secrets or photos, gained through trickery;
  • Cyberstalking: constant sending of threats or the other harmful messages;

What can you do as a parent to prevent cyberbullying?

Without doubts, teens act on their own. But fortunately, there are things parents can do to reduce the possibility of cyberbullying and cyberbullying suicide attempts. Here are 10 things every parent should do to protect their child from online bullying?

  1. Discuss the problem of cyberbullying with your child. Explain how serious this issue is and what outcomes it may have. As a parent, your duty is to play an active role in your kid`s cyber life. Make sure you know all about social media apps your child uses (WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat and others);
  2. Before giving your child a first phone, make sure they are ready for it. Modulate dangerous situations and explain how your kids need to react.
  3. Teach your child to have online privacy and never share their password and login to anybody else, including their friends. What`s more, teach your kids not to post things on the Internet about which they can regret in the future. They need to understand that nothing disappears from the Internet without leaving a trail.
  4. Encourage your child to choose outdoor activities instead of sitting in front of the screen;
  5. Teach them to inform you about cyberbullies. Help them cope with cyberbullying and to block a person who threats them;
  6. Monitor their online activity by using mSpy keylogger feature.

mSpy keylogger as the solution from cyberbullying

Your kid`s online safety, is something to be taken very seriously. Teaching kids some basic rules of online safety is not enough. Nobody can guarantee that they will follow your advices when they can face online dangers. That`s why, apart from education, parents need to keep an eye on their kids’ online activity.

With the help of mSpy keylogger feature you will be able to view all text entered on your kid`s device.

  • monitor all keyboard strokes made on your kid`s phone;
  • view all keylogger logs from your control panel remotely;

Knowing what your child is typing and searching online can protect them from cyberbullying and suicide attempts. Using mSpy keylogger, parents are able to track dangerous word combinations.

Blue whale

The blue whale is a social network phenomenon, which sent a wave of moral panic swept all over the world. The game consists of 50 tasks assigned to players by administrators of the game. The final task is to commit a suicide. This game took 130 teens` lives over the globe and the number is growing.

The key words of this game are:

  • Blue whale
  • Silent home
  • A sea of whales
  • Wake me up at 4.20 pm
  • F57

If you found out that your children are typing such word combinations on their device, you should instantly raise a red flag. The other alarming bells word combinations are:

  • “Roast me”. It is an Internet phenomenon when teens post their selfies and ask “to roast” them. Some insults may be innocent and humorous, but the others can be cruel and distracting.
  • Self-harm (or SH). It is an intentional self-injuring of body issue. In most cases it is done with intents to draw attention than to commit a suicide;
  • “Go kill yourself” and “Why aren`t you dead?”. These phrases are usually used for cyberbullying.

How to use mSpy keylogger feature

  • Purchase mSpy parental control app;
  • Install it on your kid`s phone;
  • Log into your Parental Control Panel;
  • Open the Keylogger panel;

Now you can view all logged text, collect search phrases, messages, day & time and the other data on your kid`s phone. What`s more, with mSpy keylogger feature, you are able to set time period (for example from March to October).

Note! To use this feature Android devices require rooting and iOS devices require jailbreak.

Your kid`s safety is something that should be taken very seriously. As a parent you need to explain that bullying is wrong in any aspect. Start with a simple conversation about cyberbullying and explain its possible outcomes.  Your child should always feel free to talk with you about their problems.

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