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Dad saved daughter from social media sex traffickers

Dad saved daughter from social media sex traffickers

mSpy, the global leader in parenting control, is the best solution for kidnapping preventing.

John Clark, a loving father, turned detective to rescue his 18-year-old daughter after she went missing in April this year.

The teenage girl, a childhood cancer survivor, was ‘groomed’ over Snapchat by 20-years-old men when she was 16-years-old. The online affair lasted more than two years while once an 18-years-old Texas young girl was lured into sex trafficking. It should be noted then the teen was still in high school when she became a victim of the captor.

After the sheriff’s office refused to create a helpline number and the police delayed initiative, John Clark hired a private kidnap and rescue firm, consulted experts and his own 1-800 number to get tips. Within a couple of days, Clark used private sources to track the daughter and one of her alleged captors to a Houston apartment building. The alleged pimp pleaded guilty to promoting prostitution of a minor.

“If it was up to what I want, I wouldn’t talk about this,” “It’s difficult to go through and emotionally draining. But I feel compelled to help other families and keep them from going through what we did. I’ve got to do something,” Clark told The Daily Beast.

Recently Clark launched an online petition to strengthen anti-trafficking laws in Texas. The petition, among other things, asks the legal system to treat pimps like drug dealers and to increase the age to work in sexually related business.

Also, Clark warned parents never to worry about being overprotective and beware of harmful social media capacity.

Such stories as this one are next to none with happy endings. But still, there is an easier way to safeguard your family with mSpy. mSpy is a parental application which provides a wide range of features that secures children and (we take it off) provides the highest level of monitoring comfort and safety. It is not just an app, it is also a ‘personal bodyguard’ for the child and an everlasting helper for parents.

The GPS tracking which is one of the many features of mSpy enables parents to know if their children are in the wrong or unlikely neighborhood; monitoring texts, emails and else provide parents information about children communication and notion about child everyday life; reporting a web browsing history parents can be aware of children interests; social media and apps tracking prevents from a lot of horrifying experience and lets parents be updated with their children.

The wide range of both monitoring and protecting features make mSpy a reliable and effective tool in the everyday family safety.

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