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The dangers of teenagers’ texting and driving

The dangers of teenagers’ texting and driving

Texting and driving is dangerous for all drivers no matter how experienced or good that driver is. However, it seems like texting and driving are prominent in for teens. According to a survey conducted by AT&T, 97% of teen drivers admit texting and driving are highly dangerous but 43% agreed doing it despite the fact. Maybe the reason for this is that these teens are more accustomed to technology and smartphones that they can hardly get away from their phones.

An average speed of a moving car is 55mph. Checking a text message on a phone takes about 4 sec. Therefore, if a teen decides to check a text message on his/her phone with that average speed, it will take a length of a football field for a car. It means that the car goes a whole length of a football field without control. We all know what are the consequences, accidents leading to injuries and loss of lives.

Facts of texting and driving are very disturbing. Let us look at some:

  1. A driver texting while driving is 23 times likely to have an accident than a non-texting driver
  2. Over 421,000 people are injured in accidents in the USA every year with a driver being distracted, and over 330,000 distracted drivers in those accidents were caused by texting. Meaning over 78% of all distraction is due to texting while driving.
  3. You are six times more likely to get involved in an accident while texting and driving than drunk driving.
  4. Three seconds is all it takes for a driver to get distracted for an accident to occur. Moreover, reading a text message takes an average of 5 seconds hence the likelihood of an accident occurring in this process is extremely high.
  5. Teens veer off lane 10% of their overall drive time when they text while driving

The statistics are scary, and people are dying every day due to teenage drivers and mature drivers texting and driving at the same time. There is no excuse one can give to support this behavior.

Below are some of the reasons it is bad for teens to text and drive:

Texting while driving often lead to fatal outcome

Teenagers should know that taking their eyes off the road for few seconds to text can cause them to lose control of their car. This addresses both slow and over speed driving or completely drifting off the road. Texting and driving is the leading cause of deaths among American teens according to NHTSA.

Texting while driving can lead to taking someone’s life

You may not just kill yourself, you might end up killing other people. Texting while driving puts everyone near you in danger.

Breaking the law

In most developed countries it is illegal to drive and text. You will end up paying fines if you get caught. This could lead you to paying higher insurance because you will be considered an accident risk.

The Insurance companies will not cover you

Teenagers are young, and they can come back from most setbacks in life. However, the insurance companies may not pay claims for the accident when they realize that the driver was texting while driving. Meaning no medical treatments, which might result in a drastic change of a lifestyle.

How can parents help:

  1. Set an example. Since teens look up to their parents, parents need to be the first to set an example of responsible driving.
  2. Educate. Explain that one should stay always focused while driving. Give the terrifying statistics, and show educational videos about the dangers of texting and driving.
  3. The use of technology could help parents to protect their teenagers. mSpy allows you to track your child real-time GPS location as well as set allowed and forbidden zones on the map. Each time your kid leaves or enters these zones, you receive an alerting message.

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