Dealing With the Growing Problem of Cyber Bullies

There can be little doubt that we are now living in a highly technological society, even our kids are eager to have the latest must-have cell phone or tablet. In some respects, this is a great tool for our children as today’s smartphones are like a miniature computer in their pocket, giving them access to all sorts of useful resources. Unfortunately, there is also a darker side to this near 24/7 connectivity to the internet. Not only are our children vulnerable to adults who may prey on them via the internet, but they are exposed to bullying from their peers via email, texts and social networking sites. This is known as cyber bullying.

Deplorable figures

The most recent studies indicate that more than half of all young people believe that cyber-bullying is just a part of everyday life, while around 40% of parents indicate that they would have no idea how to deal with the problem if their child came to them confiding the problem. These figures highlight a growing problem which parents and teachers alike feel unable to handle without further support. Parents are concerned for their child’s safety when it comes to the internet, but they are not equipped with the knowledge required to handle the situation if cyber bullying does occur.

Many parents undertake online monitoring to make their kids safe online by:

  • setting parental controls programs (49%),
  • obtaining email and social network passwords (44%),
  • taking away computer and mobile devices (27%),
  • using location-based devices to keep track of teens (10%).

It is estimated that around 70% of young people between the ages of 13 and 22 have been a victim of cyber bullying once, with around 20% of those saying that their experience was ‘extreme’. These figures, coupled with the fact that half of all children expect bullying as a part of their life, make for some distressing news. There are calls for the education system to introduce more training to help teachers to not only educate our kids about this worrying trend, but also to help them deal with instances as they occur.

Ways Out of the Problem Pit

While that is great news, it does little to help parents who are concerned about cyber bullying. It is often very difficult for a child to admit to a parent, or any other adult, that they are being bullied. For some reason, this seems worse when it comes to cyber bullying. Some youngsters feel that because it is on the internet rather than being physical threats, then it is not as serious, but that is certainly not the case. It is because of their children’s reluctance to report cyber bullies that many parents are turning to cell phone monitoring in order to intercept abusive messages sent to their children via email, instant messengers, SMS or social media.


When parents are able to intercept such messages, it can alert them to the problem as early as possible, allowing them to step in and take action before it escalates. This can also work if it is your child who is guilty of bullying someone. We all would love to believe our ‘angels’ would never do such a thing! But if they ARE accused, then monitoring their cellphone will allow you to get a straight answer one way or the other allowing you to either clear their name or discipline them as appropriate.

With cell phone spy apps like mSpy, it is easy to keep track of everything that your child gets up to even if you are not particularly tech savvy.


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