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Do you know how to reset mSpy account password with Key File?

Do you know how to reset mSpy account password with Key File

There are several cases when you need to change your mSpy account password:

  1. If you forgot your temporary password and need to reset it;
  2. If you have changed the temporary password and forgot it;
  3. If you entered the password with Caps Lock and couldn’t log into your mSpy account.

If something went wrong and you forgot your mSpy account password, you can easily change it. Follow these steps to reset your password:

Note: To have an access to your old data you need to have a key file, which was sent to your email box by mSpy support team.

You forgot your mSpy account password?

Step 1.

  • Sign into your mailbox and find the email from our support team;
  • Download a key-file to your PC (don`t open it);

Step 2.

  • Go to and choose Forgot Password;
  • Enter your email address in a box below and press Submit. A new password will be sent to your email address;
  • Check your mailbox and follow the link to reset your password;
  • Enter your new password and confirm it;
  • Choose a key file previously downloaded to your PC and press Submit.

Here you go, your password was successfully reset. Now you can log in using your new password.

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