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Do you know how to spy on iPhone 6,5,4s?

How to spy on iPhone 6,5,4s? Blog mSpy App 2018

These days, Apple company is the leader in the modern technology all over the world. They manage to develop the best and the greatest, while the others trail behind. There is the only one thing that disappoints many users – the security system. To install any app what is not from the App store, the iOS devices should be jailbroken. It refers to the parental controls as well. If parents want to hack their kid`s iPhone and monitor their activities with parental apps, kid`s device should be jailbroken first. But there are some parental control apps that provide a no-jailbreak solution for parents, for example, mSpy. In this article, we will teach you how to spy kid`s iPhone 6, 5, 4s using mSpy no-jailbreak solution.

How to spy on 6, 5, 4s without jailbreak?

The app that is available for iPhone 6, 5, 4s spy is mSpy. It is a parental control app that has a powerful number of features for kid`s phone monitoring. With mSpy parental control app parents can read their kids` text messages, monitor their call logs, view visited URLs and block adult ones, monitor installed apps and block dangerous ones, monitor instant messengers (Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc), track GPS location, set safe and dangerous zones and much more.

But the best thing that mSpy iPhone spy app is available for a no-jailbreak solution, so to spy your kid`s phone you don’t need to have access to it. The installation requires only a few minutes and doesn`t require any technical skills for it.

What mSpy features are available for iPhone 6, 5, 4s spy?

mSpy no-jailbreak solution provides users with such features:

  • Contacts: monitor kid`s contact list and view new contacts.
  • Text messages: read sent, received and deleted text messages.
  • iMessages: get access to all sent and received iMessages;
  • Calls: monitor incoming and outgoing calls to prevent unwanted communication.
  • Browser History (Safari): monitor the browser history as well as the URLs that have been visited to prevent unwanted search or adult sites visiting.
  • Calendar: track all target phone events.
  • Installed apps: monitor all installed apps on iPhone 6,5,4s and block unwanted ones.
  • Wi-Fi networks: view your kid`s real-time location by tracking the Wi-Fi hotspots their phone is connected with.
  • WhatsApp (texts): read all sent and received WhatsApp conversations.

Note! WhatsApp tracker is available only in a Premium package.

How does mSpy no-jailbreak solution work?

Step 1. Get Credentials – You need to get the iCloud login and password of the target device to spy on iPhone 6, 5, 4s without jailbreak. It is essential to ensure that iCloud backup is activated on the device as well. On the contrary, physical access will be required.

Step 2. Choose features – Choose the features you want to have access while spying the target iPhone 6,5,4s.

Step 3. Start Monitoring – Once the setup process is completed, you may start the iPhone 6,5,4s spy. For it, you need to log into your Control Panel.

mSpy no-jailbreak is a trustworthy solution for those parents who keep their kid`s iPhone activities in their own hands. mSpy provides a wide range of monitoring features for keeping keeps safe and sound.

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