Right in front of our eyes, the word has shrunk into a tiny global village with transparent borders and instant deliverance of information. Now, any type of information can circulate freely round the globe, and it can evoke very contradictory feelings and emotions. Abundance of information, as well as its lack, can give the most deplorable results.

Modern people are becoming more and more worried about the aspects of life that was worry-free not so long ago, a mere couple of decades before the advent of digital means of communication. Anxiety has become the buzz word of present days, and the situation worsens with every year. We are being constantly bombarded by mass media messages full of negative emotions, financial defaults and political crises.

The telling feature of this psychological state is the same for everyone – an abnormal level of worries and an immediate picturing of the most horrific scenes, ranging from almost harmless assaults to murders, at the mere absence of immediate response to a regular call.

The reasons are different in nature but there are some basic underlying prerequisites:

  • mind stack overflow while surfing internet day and night that is typical for a modern megapolis dweller;
  • an ever-growing number of energy-consuming gadgets and other tools for digital pastimes instead of relaxation, meditation and contemplation of nature that was a great stress relief for non-urban residents during previous centuries.

The constant usage of different instant messengers is among the main factors worsening the situation. Your brain gets addicted to the constant ‘stay-in-touch-online’; and any unscheduled breach in the non-stop flow of online conversation is treated as a sign of danger. What is more, the number of these messaging services is growing in rapid fire fashion.

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Are There Ways Out?

There is one remedy, at least for the cases when you want to protect your loved ones but cannot be at their side all the time. Mainly, it concerns children protection. You cannot guarantee that anything bad happens to them when you are away – bullying, shooting, or the mere loss of pocket money. The world is getting crueler day by day; and the defense against modern threats is rare and precious.

Instead of worrying in vain and eating your heart out, you can secure your virtual parental presence on the kid’s smart phone, a digital invader that can be converted into a faithful helper for parents. You can become omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient in the life of your kids, virtually.

Intrigued? The answer is simple – there are specialized mobile applications that can serve as guardians in the stormy sea of internet. For instance, mSpy app can perform tracking/monitoring functions of any online/offline activity of your kid and inform you about everything that happens with your kid during the day – starting from reading his/her texting while jogging to school in the morning up to the (possible, and now, quite preventable) sexting late at night. This app returns you the feeling of strong parental control and peace of mind.

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