Doomsday Is Cancelled: It’s Time to Buy Smartphone Gifts for Christmas

If you failed to prepare for the Doomsday, cheer up! No unprecedented celestial havoc is going to take place today. Non-arrival of an adverse outcome today, Dec 21, means that our life goes on as usual and we can prepare for the holidays season. Smartphone users can heave a sigh of relief as their favorite mobile device won’t stop functioning due to any gravitational effects.
Let’s think about the gifts we can make to ourselves and to our loved ones. Christmas 2012 is approaching and the shoppers start falling into a real panic, racking their brains over gifts. We’ll give you a clue: these days there is no better way to spoil anyone than by giving them the gift of a new smartphone. Here is a round-up of the best smartphone choices on offer.

Apple iPhone 5

If you don’t mind couphing up a higher price, the iPhone 5 would be the right pick. It ‘s amazinly light, boasts an excellent screen and a great. Also, it has a huge library of various apps and accessories. You won’t find anything as fully featured as this smartphone model.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III turned out to be one of the most sensational smartphones of 2012. Samsung has managed to marry the benefits of impressive hardware and excellent user-friendly software, which makes this handset a very smart choice. Its screen is much bigger than that of iPhone and due to Android platform it appears to be far more flexible.

Nokia Lumia 920

If you are fine with its big size and hefty weight, this model can be an attractive option for you. It has a perfect construction and comes with a excellent display. Moreover, Lumia 220 is equipped with the top camera on the market. One of the major disadvantages is the lack of applications, but in general it’s a great choice due to fantastic built-in features and services.

Google Nexus 4

If you see no reason for out-of-balance expenditures this Christmas you should definitely consider buying Google’s latest Nexus handset. The biggest advantages of this Android-based smartphone are a 4.7in IPS screen and an excellent 8-MP camera. However, it doesn’t have 4G connectivity and its memory is not expandable, but these drawbacks are fully compensated by its price.

Motorola RAZR M

If you’re looking for a compact smartphone, go for Motorola RAZR M. This model sacrifices a bit in functionality to achieve its small and attractive design, but it still worth a gander.

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