EasySpy review 2019 – a reliable app or a murky tool to ruin relationships?

Daniel Black
What makes EasySPY a dubious spy app to track romantic partners

The spy market is overrun with apps’ developers that copypasted the solid ones’ products. They usually rename them and serve under the cause of multifunctional irreproachable flagship product which doesn’t have a decent alternative. So is the EasySPY app. However, let’s find out if it is worth people’s time and money.

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What is EasySPY?

It is an ordinary spy app that allows suspicious people to follow others’ activities performed on their own device. Positioning as a spy app, it calls for monitoring kids and employees. It is contradictory since spying is forbidden, meanwhile, monitoring is allowed by the law.
The developer boasts of the bunch of monitoring features, which literally translate everything about the other person.

What features does EasySPY offer?

Let’s regard them in the light of the experience you might have if you’re a target person. You’re being suspected of cheating or providing sensitive work data to third parties. Another person wants to know everything about you, so he or she turns to spy apps like EasySPY. He installs it and starts reading your text messages and viewing multimedia files.

Speaking of multimedia files, the monitoring person can control your phone’s camera. He can take a picture of the phone’s surroundings.

When you start spying, it’s like a virus – you want to know more. Thus, this person checks your current GPS location. That way, he even knows when you go to the bathroom. What kind of feature allows that? The GPS location one. It delivers the current position with timestamps. So, somebody else has all the chances to know when you go pee at the office.

Or, when you want to text somebody on Viber, you can definitely do it, but somebody will scan it easily. So, not endearment or other sweet things. Otherwise, you’ll be killed for sending “baby” to your sister. The same thing works for WhatsApp, Skype, and BBM.

Besides written form of communication, the app records calls and delivers call logs straight to the Live Control Panel. It is a sort of dashboard where a captain sees everything he needs to operate with the information and make decisions. Your phone’s book with contacts becomes easily accessible to another person. He can view them, contact, or block.

Also, the other person can view what you’re doing online: sites you visit, social media, emails. So, if you’re about to flirt with somebody from Facebook, make sure you’re not being spied.

If that person is fed up with spying, he can use Remote Uninstall. It’s possible to do it from an Online Control Panel. This allows a monitoring person staying unveiled after getting all the necessary information.

The use of such apps is quite dubious because you never know how your data is kept and shared. This is where users should search for more reliable monitoring apps with a robust data safety system. So is the mSpy tracking app.

Why is mSpy better?

Created in 2010, it underwent multiple changes to meet the current needs of a different audience. It provides 30 monitoring features and promises your data will be secured. That way, a user gets not just a bunch of solid features, but a sort of warranty that nobody, except them, will know their sensitive information.

EasySPY App

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Guessing doesn’t work. mSpy does.
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