ExactSpy review 2019: what’s the right approach when selecting a monitoring app?

Daniel Black
what’s the right approach when selecting a monitoring app?

When did using spy apps become a common practice? By 2023, the market of monitoring apps is expected to reach $9 billion, which proves the very idea that their originators possess an extraordinary instinct and compass for what people need or don’t need.

People do want to know if somebody’s faithful and do not want to be cheated on. They want to make sure that their relationships have future and they can boldly invest in them. So, people start looking for technology which will help out.

A flip side of such quest is the possibility to stumble upon apps whose functionality is murky and unreliable. So is the one of ExactSpy spy app.

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What is ExactSpy?

It is a monitoring software that allows users to track another person’s phone activity: call logs, calendar events, text messages, emails, web history. Its target audience is mostly kids and employees. However, on its blog, you can find the articles “How to find out if my husband is cheating on me” and “Best free hacking software for phones”, which make it absolutely spy.

Meanwhile, at the bottom, you’ll find the clear Disclaimer saying that the target person must be aware of them being monitored. Moreover, there has to be a consent from their side. That way, with such contradictory positioning, who’s playing the tricks with users?

How does it work?

The developer suggests going to the app’s official site and downloading the software on the target device. ExactSpy records activities on the device and delivers it to ExactSpy server. In their turn, customers access their online account and view the data from the dashboard. To get timely updates, they need another person’s device to have the Internet connection at least once a day. In a nutshell, the app works as every app that is designed to spy on someone else.

What features does ExactSpy offer?

The software suggests delivering any information about calls, such as who was a partner in conversation, when the call was made, and how much time it took. The app even records the call and stores it in the mp3 file. The feature might serve abusive purposes. Besides, it’s a direct violation of human rights to privacy.

Another call-related feature is ambient recording, which literally records sounds around the phone. This “FBI thing” might be helpful only if you look for missing kids. Otherwise, it can cause damage to a person.

If you think that reading texts can help your relationships, you might be interested in the ExactSpy’s relevant feature. You can literally view each of them, people behind, and shared multimedia files. However, this way of communication is an old day, so expecting fishing for something exclusive is a waste of time. However, it might be helpful when checking the communication of employees with third parties.

To hunt for more personal sharing, ExactSpy provides tracking features for instant messengers, such as WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, Facebook, KIK, BBM, Hangouts, and Skype. These channels might bring more tangible information about the person than just text messages. By the way, if during such communication companions shared multimedia files, ExactSpy enables to view all of them.

Some spy apps suggest that employers might get interested in tracking the GPS location of the work phone. So does ExactSpy. Really? Does it really work that way? An employer checks whether it was taken to the bathroom instead of being out on the work desk. This feature only makes sense when you have a teen in the house.

Internet surfing may be eye-opening. The ExactSpy feature can bring a-ha moments to a person who decided to check what sites, platforms, social media the monitored person visits. The whole browser history is available to parents. It especially comes in handy when parents need to identify cyberbullying, sexting, participation in dangerous online games, contacts with predators, etc. Or, partners can find out if their significant other stuck on a dating site.

Another feature is monitoring and blocking apps installed on the monitored device. It is designed to help parents control kids’ screen time. It comes with the Keylogger feature. The latter monitors keystrokes. Again, it’s a perfect fit in case of child sexting or cyberbullying.

Usually, the number of features available for Android and iPhone differs. But it’s very unclear on the ExactSpy official site. Instead, the customer stumbles on the bunch of keywords confusing users and not adding value to a product itself. If you see these stunts on the product’s site, think if it’s worth using it because its developers do not respect customers but their money.

For adults, another person’s planned events may be very attractive. “Did he plan to see her?” “What is she up to?” Those questions are quite logical in relationships. It is possible to view planned events with ExactSpy as well. But, should you do it? This is where an ethical and legal issue pops up.

If you examine the European and US legislation on spying and monitoring, you’ll find out that spying is forbidden and monitoring is allowed at the workplace. The differences between them are the following: when monitoring, another person is aware of it and is being tracked only by the devices which belong to the company. The personal stuff cannot be monitored. Otherwise, it’s spying.

Employees may use spy apps for absolutely legal monitoring purposes. But the “spy” title may compromise their reputation. This is one of the reasons why they should look for appropriate alternatives, which is the mSpy app is.

Why is mSpy better?

mSpy was conceived in 2010 to meet the needs of parents who encounter challenges in their everyday life. It is called to help parents raise kids in a safe digital environment by not isolating them from its benefits but managing it wisely.

The mSpy team understands that customers might have different payment possibilities. That’s why it developed a flexible pricing policy and anticipated a demo version to provide the opportunity to give it a try.

Also, it takes care of its target audience by raising awareness about cyberbullying, online challenges that recruit kids secretly, tech addiction, peer pressure as well as about positive online portfolio, safe online exposure, etc. Multiple professionals in the field have been interviewed to share their expertise with parents. Moreover, mSpy masters its support with the powerful international institutions, such as the European Union and UNICEF. They green-light the IT industry to provide tangible solutions to protect children online, and mSpy keeps up with this tendency.

Besides 30 monitoring features, it has a robust data safety system which means the world in the light of recent cyber attacks and subsequent data breaches. mSpy has fortified its data security policy and also adjusted it to the GDPR guidelines. Thus, a customer can keep a peace of mind about how their data is stored and shared.

What works for me?

There’s no definite answer to figure out which tracking app is the best because every family, child, or situation is unique. However, when willing to monitor, one should make sure the chosen app is useful, reliable, and doesn’t make compromise the law and ethics.

ExactSpy App REQUIRES Android RATING:

1.1 (11251 ratings )
Price: $0.0
Guessing doesn’t work. mSpy does.
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Daniel Black is a family advisor, psychologist, and father of two. He believes that anyone can become a better parent, partner, and self if they learn more about interactions inside of a family. Daniel enjoys hiking, backpacking, and trekking.

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